Undercover: 5 Things To Know About The New Series Starring Audrey Fleurot

Starting on Monday, September 25th, France 2 is airing a mini-series called "Infiltrated" in 6 episodes. Actress Audrey Fleurot plays the lead role and portrays a mother who infiltrates a drug trafficking network to save her child.

1- We discover Audrey Fleurot in a new register.

In the series "Infiltrée" on France 2, Audrey Fleurot not only changes her hair color but also her genre. The actress, who has become inseparable from the character of Morgane Alvaro in HPI on TF1, tries her hand at the thriller genre and undergoes a quite radical transformation for this new role.

The actress, who sports red hair in HPI and blonde hair in Esprit d'hiver, appears this time as a brunette and dons the lab coat of a police chemist, ready to compromise herself to save her son.

This unique fiction will change your perception of Audrey Fleurot's typically funny investigations on TF1, as it is a contemporary thriller with pace, suspense, and action scenes.

2- The series revolves around a dark and complex heroine.

In Infiltrated, Audrey Fleurot plays Aurélie, a heroine very far from the whimsical and sparkling character of Morgane in HPI! After the traumatic death of the father of her child, who died of an overdose, this woman is engulfed in guilt and lives only for her work and her son.

He is the only male figure in her life. When he makes a very big mistake, she will put herself in difficulty to help him. To redeem herself, she is forced to help the police dismantle a drug trafficking operation.

Commissioner Max Vernet (played by Thierry Neuvic) assigns her the task of investigating UBH, a particularly deadly new synthetic drug.

3- This series is led by a well-known team from France 2.

If Audrey Fleurot agreed to take on the lead role in the series Infiltrée, it is undoubtedly because she knows well the team behind this fiction.

The screenwriters Emmanuel Daucé and Frédéric Krivine, as well as the director Jean-Philippe Amar, have already worked together on the series Un village français in which Audrey Fleurot played the character of Hortense Larcher.

This historical fiction played an important role in the actress's career, so she enjoyed reuniting with "this core group" on the set of the new mini-series Infiltrée. This 6-episode, 52-minute fiction was filmed in Nancy and Marseille in the fall of 2022.

4- The series features two mirrored protagonists.

In the series Infiltrated, Aurélie and Commissioner Vernet are not on the same side. And yet, they have a lot in common: they are both single parents and share the same desire to do well.

They are unwittingly involved in drug trafficking, him through his child's babysitter and her through her son's father, who died of an overdose. Over the course of the six episodes of this mini-series, viewers will also discover that the commissioner is responsible for the situation Aurélie finds herself in...

In the cast of this series, we will also salute the performance of the young Sumaï Cardenas, stunning in his first role. He plays the young and charismatic network leader Jesus.

5- This series has a surprising ending.

Even though Audrey Fleurot didn't want to say too much to avoid spoiling the viewers, she revealed in an interview that the ending of the series "Infiltrée" is "open" and gives this fiction "a fairy tale dimension".

The writers allowed themselves a not completely realistic ending. Expect to be surprised and even bewildered by the last episode.

Audrey Fleurot stated: "We don't know what will become of the characters. We let the viewer imagine what suits them. And the villains are not necessarily who we think they are..."

If this presentation has made you want to discover the actress in a brand new role, tune in to France 2 on Monday, September 25th at 9:10 PM for the broadcast of the first two episodes.

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