Tv Series: 5 French Dramas To Discover In 2022

At the beginning of this year, we propose you to discover in preview the French productions which will arrive on your small screen during the next semester. Here are 5 French fictions to discover in 2022.

1- Almost perfect love

This 6-episode French series will air on France 2 starting Wednesday, January 19 at 9:10 pm.

In L'Amour presque parfait, Julie played by Maud Baecker comes home dejected from her little sister's wedding.

In the cab, she answers a call. Max played by Tom Leeb makes her a magnificent proposal and gives her an appointment in three days.

But when she hangs up, she realizes that it's not her phone that she's holding in her hands. She intends to meet Max!

This misunderstanding promises us a romantic comedy to be desired, carried by a promising cast including Nadia Roz, Isabelle Vitari, François Vincentelli, Antoine Duléry and Évelyne Bouix.

2- The Rope

This 3 episode mini-series will be broadcast on Arte from January 27. In addition the series La Corde is already available in full on

After the discovery of a mysterious rope that snakes endlessly through the forest, scientists isolated in a base in Norway are confronted with unexplainable phenomena.

This fantastic thriller, which benefits from a haunting soundtrack and an eerie atmosphere will test viewers' nerves to the limit.

In this fiction full of mysteries, you will recognize confirmed actors like Jean-Marc Barr and Jeanne Balibar.

3- Aim for the heart

In 2022, TF1 will broadcast Vise le cœur, a 6-episode series carried by Claire Keim and Lannick Gautry.

Close in their youth, Julia, a police captain, and Novak, a lawyer, have not spoken to each other for 20 years.

But when Novak gives up his job to become police commissioner, he finds himself working with Julia.

This series imagined by Fanny Robert and Sophie Lebarbier, the creators of Profilage explores both the present and the past of this explosive tandem.

Viewers will be able to follow this duo from the school benches to the PJ locker room.

Also, as in Profilage, their investigations will lead them to explore childhood terrors and adult nightmares, and unmask monsters that aren't always who you think they are.

4- Infiniti

With this 6-episode mini-series, Canal+ will offer us a space thriller.

In Infiniti, the International Space Station is unresponsive and its crew seems to be in perdition.

At the same time, the headless body of an American ISS astronaut is discovered in Kazakhstan.

Anna Zarathi, a French astronaut played by Céline Sallette, and Isaak Turgun, a Kazakh policeman, team up to solve this mystery.

5- Visions

For her first recurring role in a TV series, Louane Emera will play Sarah, a Psychologist married to Romain, a gendarme.

The young woman meets an 8-year-old boy who has strange visions related to unsolved criminal cases.

In this 6-episode series broadcast on TF1, Sarah aka Louane will try to unravel this mystery and perhaps identify a serial killer.

Viewers will also find in the cast Soufiane Guerrab, Jean-Hugues Anglade, Anne Marivin, Max Boublil, Marie-Ange Casta, Julien Boisselier and Francis Renaud.

The series Visions was filmed in the PACA region, largely in the town of Forcalquier.

Author: Audrey
Copyright image: TF1
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