The Series Blanca Is Returning On M6.

Good news for viewers who followed the first season of Blanca last year on M6. This series, which was a huge hit in Italy, is coming back from February 10 for a season 2 that's just as fresh and funny. Whether you've followed the adventures of this unique detective or not, here are 5 good reasons to watch this program.

For its colorful heroine.

The Italian series "Blanca" follows in the footsteps of police comedies like HPI on TF1. Just as the character Morgane Alvaro is not part of the police force, the eponymous heroine Blanca Ferrando is not your typical investigator...

In season 1, which premiered in 2021 on Rai 1, this young woman, who became blind at the age of 12, joins the San Teodoro police station as an intern. Due to her disability, she is not well received, neither by Commissioner Bacigalupo nor by Inspector Liguori (Giuseppe Zeno). But this cold welcome doesn't stop her from being as perceptive as she is lively.

In her investigations, the heroine's visual impairment sometimes puts her at a disadvantage. However, it also proves to be an advantage, allowing her to perceive things that others do not hear. In summary, Blanca is a blind woman who is often more clairvoyant than the police.

At the beginning of season 2, which will be available starting Saturday, February 10, 2024, on M6, the young woman has been officially promoted to consultant within the Genoa police force and continues to use her exceptional hearing and talent to aid in investigations.

For the interpretation of the lead actress.

One of the highlights of the series Blanca is the performance of lead actress Maria Chiara Giannetta. She is entirely convincing as a young blind woman who investigates alongside her guide dog, Linneo.

To portray this blind detective, the actress received advice from a high-profile consultant: singer Andrea Bocelli. The series is also the first in the world to have been filmed in holophony, a sound recording technique that reproduces everything the heroine hears.

Thanks to Linneo the dog, an American bulldog female, and the clear complicity between the heroine and her guide dog on screen, the series is carried by a rather original duo of investigators. Both have plenty of bite and a keen sense of smell!

For the flavorful supporting roles.

Even though Maria Chiara Giannetta stands out in this challenging role, the series showcases an entire gallery of flavorful secondary characters. Besides the overly macho colleagues at the police station, in season 1 we encounter a little girl raised by her father, a caring chef named Nanni (played by Pierpaolo Spollon), and Stella, the heroine's best friend.

Season 2 shuffles the deck with the arrival of new characters:
• a new chief, a super-cop whose methods are not appreciated by everyone.
• a terrorist who calls himself Polibomber and targets the police force with extremely violent attacks.
• a straight-talking maid hired by Blanca to tidy up her apartment.

For the exotic setting.

If you haven't yet discovered this Italian series, you should know that it has more than one trick up its sleeve to ensure you have a great evening. The issue of disability is approached with humor, the heroine is vibrant and has a very original view of the world.

For the French viewer, the setting is another strong point of these investigations since the series is filmed in Genoa.

Even though the heroine lives in darkness, the viewer is treated to a visual feast as she wears bright colors and resides in Genoa in the north of Italy, a port known for its red and yellow facades.

5- For the suspense.

After a Season 1 where the suspense steadily builds (but I won't say more to avoid spoiling it for those who haven't seen it yet), Season 2 of Blanca is shaping up to be just as thrilling.

Even though this second season is shorter with only 6 episodes, it has its share of surprises and a good dose of suspense.

Blanca, now a consultant, investigates with Inspector Liguori a bomber targeting the Genoa police force. Suffice to say, Season 2 promises to be explosive!

Author: Audrey
Copyright image: M6
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