The Lightning Strike: A Mysterious Detective Tv Movie On France 3.

On Tuesday, May 14, France 3 is offering a prime-time detective TV movie with an original atmosphere. This French TV movie titled "La Fulgurée" tells the story of a young woman struck by lightning and skillfully combines a police investigation with a supernatural ambiance. We have listed 5 good reasons to watch this unique TV movie.

The story begins with a poignant tragedy.

In the TV movie "La Fulgurée," Lucie and Samuel Carrera celebrate their wedding at the Lake Guéry inn, in the Auvergne mountains. That day is the happiest of their lives until a storm breaks out. The newlyweds and some of their friends take refuge under a tree. Unfortunately, lightning strikes the group, killing Samuel instantly.

The other people present survive but are seriously injured. They bear strange aftereffects from this tragedy. Their lives are forever changed, starting with the bride Lucie.

At the exact moment her husband lost his life, she became both a lightning strike survivor and a person with hyperthymesia. Since that day, she lives like a true hermit, fearing to leave her home and be struck by lightning again…

This electric thriller delivers a plot in the vein of Agatha Christie.

Two years after that ill-fated marriage, as the survivors of the lightning strike are all gathered to pay tribute to Samuel and scatter his ashes, someone seems determined to eliminate them one by one.

The TV movie, which initially appeared to be a drama with supernatural overtones, takes a turn into an Agatha Christie-style whodunit… Just like in the famous novel "And Then There Were None" (formerly "Ten Little Indians"), the wedding's survivors are the target of a mysterious killer who methodically murders them, one by one.

This TV movie features an attractive cast.

In the title role of La Fulgurée, Camille Claris' poignant performance is to be commended, already known to viewers for having played Mélanie in the series Vortex on France 2. The actress is convincing in the role of a young widow who evolves from grief to resilience...

Alongside her is Pierre Perrier, who played the role of Alex in the thriller L'île prisonnière on France 2. Here he portrays Commander Julien Eider, a gendarme convinced that someone is targeting the "miraculés de Guéry".

The cast is rounded out by other regulars of French fiction, such as Cécile Rebboah, Laurent Bateau, and Éric Savin.

The natural setting is sumptuous.

This French TV movie was shot in the fall of 2023 in the mountains of Auvergne and highlights the natural beauty of the region's landscapes.

In this mystery-tinged film, nature is a character in its own right. Natural forces are at work, starting with the lightning that alters the fate of the characters. The atmosphere of the Auvergne forests contributes to giving this fiction an unsettling ambiance.

You may find that the plot of La Fulgurée takes time to unfold. But this is a deliberate choice by the screenwriters and director. This fiction takes the time to set the scene, detail the context, and recount the trauma of each of the characters. This setup, which occupies a third of the total duration of the TV movie, is slow without ever being boring.

The blending of genres is successful.

By daring a subtle blend of drama, mystery crime fiction, and thriller, this original TV movie offers a fresh take on the detective genre.

The narrative structure is effective, and the suspense builds steadily. Not only is the story engaging, but the performance of lead actress Camille Claris elevates this enigmatic tale that will delight fans of detective investigations.

If this preview has piqued your interest in watching "La Fulgurée," tune in tonight, Tuesday, May 14, at 9:10 PM on France 3.

Author: Audrey
Copyright image: FTV
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In French: La Fulgurée : un téléfilm policier teinté de mystère sur France 3
En español: La Fulgurée: una película policiaca teñida de misterio en France 3
In italiano: La Fulgurata: un film poliziesco intriso di mistero su France 3.
Auf Deutsch: Der Blitz: Ein mysteriöser Krimifilm auf France 3.
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