Miss Holmes: 5 Good Reasons To Watch The New Series On Tf1

Did you know that the universe created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is one of the most adapted to film and television, to the extent of being entered into the Guinness Book of World Records? With the new series "Mademoiselle Holmes," TF1 offers an unofficial sequel to the adventures of Sherlock Holmes rather than a new adaptation. Here are 5 good reasons to watch this unique detective fiction.

This series breathes new life into the world of Sherlock Holmes.

As the title suggests, the series "Miss Holmes," premiering on TF1 from Thursday, April 11, 2024, follows the adventures of a female Sherlock Holmes. With this original crime series, the network aims to "revitalize the universe imagined by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle."

It's certainly a significant challenge, considering the global fan base of these detective novels and their numerous film and television adaptations... To meet this challenge, the creators of the series have paired "an unpredictable cop with a trainee medical examiner."

In the first season's six episodes, this duo faces captivating puzzles and mysteries from the past, all sprinkled with a good dose of humor.

She features an unpredictable investigator.

In the very first episode of the series "Miss Holmes," Charlie is a discreet and shy police officer who still lives with her grandfather. But above all, she is the great-granddaughter of the famous Sherlock Holmes.

The writers have imagined that Sherlock Holmes spent time in France and started a family on the Old Continent before returning to England. Today, his great-granddaughter has become a police officer in Nantes.

Until now relegated to minor investigations, the descendant of the legendary detective has an epiphany one day. She decides to embrace her identity as a woman and a member of the Holmes family. With her keen instincts and disconcerting methods, she quickly proves herself in a kidnapping case.

She offers captivating deals.

In Mademoiselle Holmes, a case is wrapped up at the end of each episode. However, as in any good Sherlock Holmes novel, the investigations always start with pretenses.

The plot eventually shifts to something completely different, as Charlie's thinking sharpens and she manages to unravel truth from falsehood thanks to her exceptional intelligence and empathy.

To symbolize this turning point in the plot, the creators envisioned that the heroine plays the violin like her famous great-grandfather. To connect all the threads of a case, this highly sensitive detective retreats into her bubble with her violin, to the tune of a very successful score by François Liétout.

4- It is carried by an impeccable cast.

Lola Dewaere, following in the footsteps of Benedict Cumberbatch and Robert Downey Jr, is very convincing as Miss Holmes, an exceptional and unconventional detective with unpredictable behavior.

The actress, well-known to crime series fans for her role in Astrid et Raphaëlle on France 2, forms a delightful duo with Tom Villa. The comedian stands out as Samy Vatel, a trainee forensic doctor who will become her Watson...

The cast also includes Daniel Prévost as George Holmes, Charlie's enigmatic grandfather, Thomas Jouannet, and Alexis Loison.

The rapport that develops between this new Holmes and her Watson is a far cry from the usual clichés of crime series. The same can be said for the unique relationship that Charlie has with her mysterious grandfather.

She pays tribute to the great Sherlock Holmes.

Thanks to her insight, Miss Holmes is the worthy descendant of the famous detective imagined by Arthur Conan Doyle. But her name is not the only reference in the series to the world of the great Sherlock Holmes.

On the contrary, this French creation is sprinkled with numerous references to England, the legacy of this illustrious great-grandfather, and the universe of Conan Doyle. In fact, season 1 was filmed between Nantes and London, and even though Charlie doesn't live on Baker Street, her grandfather's house is every bit an English manor!

From the first episode, we also learn about the existence of the Moriarty family in this fictional world... The mystery surrounding this family and the heroine's past is the common thread of the season and perhaps even the series.

If you're a fan of Sherlock Holmes and well-versed on the subject, keep your eyes peeled! The universe of the series is enriched as season 1 progresses. Devotees of the detective from Baker Street will recognize numerous nods to the character in each episode.

With these multiple strengths, this new show should attract many viewers to TF1 starting Thursday, April 11, 2024, at 9:10 PM.

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