Master Crimes: What's The Verdict On Tf1's Police Series With Muriel Robin?

Starting Thursday, November 9, TF1 will air a new crime series in prime time featuring Muriel Robin in the lead role. In Master Crimes, the actress plays a criminology professor who hunts down a serial killer with the help of her students. This professor's questionable methods are the spice of this crime comedy. Here are 3 things to know about this original series.

This fiction has similarities with another well-known series.

In the series "Master Crimes," premiering on Thursday, November 9 on TF1, Muriel Robin plays a brilliant criminology professor who investigates a murder with four of her students.

If this story sounds familiar, it's probably because you were a fan of the American series "How to get away with murder" starring Viola Davis, which aired on M6 under the title Murder... Just from reading the synopsis, some internet users immediately noticed similarities between these two series.

Even though the influence of Murder is clear, TF1 does not present this new show as an adaptation, unlike the series "Je te promets," which is adapted from "This is Us"... According to Muriel Robin, the character of Louise Arbus and Annalise Keating from Murder share only one thing in common: their profession as a criminologist.

For the rest, this new French fiction is very different: "On one side, you have a law firm, on the other, a public university. You have investigations into twisted murders that explore human psychology in Murder, while we have more investigations involving the heroine [in Master Crimes]."

This French-style police comedy is promising.

Because it's not just a carbon copy of the American series Murder, Master Crimes is worth a look. Unlike the American series to which it bears similarities, it falls more into the genre of French comedic crime drama.

One of the comic elements of this fiction is based on a very special duo. Muriel Robin plays the role of a criminologist and bounces off her real-life partner, Anne Le Nen, who portrays Captain Delandre.

With her cheeky nature and a team of four students, this criminology professor is more reminiscent of Morgane in HPI than Annalise in Murder! Throughout the investigations, she will give the police captain a hard time, who disapproves of her methods. Just like HPI (the successful comedic crime series on TF1), this new show proves to be as effective as it is entertaining.

Muriel Robin is perfect in this cheeky role.

Whether you are a fan of Muriel Robin as a comedian and actress or not, you might be surprised and amused by her character in Master Crimes.

Louise Arbus is a brilliant criminology professor at the university. Her talent is recognized throughout France, but she has stopped collaborating with the police since a case that traumatized her. In the pilot episode of the series, a very elaborate crime will push her to resume service. The police ask her to visit a crime scene because a phrase from one of her books is written on the victim.

Louise then sets out on the trail of a cunningly twisted serial killer who seems to want to test her. With such a synopsis, this fiction would not revolutionize the detective genre if Louise's character was not so impertinent, exasperating, and gently uncontrollable!

With this investigator whose iconoclastic methods are reminiscent of Munch and Morgane Alvaro from HPI, Muriel Robin has undoubtedly found her best character in popular fiction.

In addition to this very comfortable lead role, the new TF1 series can also rely on talented supporting actors. Louise's students are played by young actors Nordine Ganso, Thaïs Vauquières, Victor Meutelet, and Astrid Roos.

For all these reasons, the new TF1 detective series looks very promising. If you want to form your own opinion, note that the first two episodes of season 1 will be broadcast on Thursday, November 9 at 9:10 PM.

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