Dressing Challenge: Cristina Cordula In Ethical Mode On M6.

Attention to all fashionistas with an ecological mindset! Cristina Cordula is back on M6 with a new show promoting a more responsible fashion. In Dressing Challenge, the queen of makeover "magnifaïk" will teach viewers how to consume more intelligently.

A more responsible fashion show.

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the impact of the textile industry on the environment. This shift in mindset is probably why M6 has developed the concept of the show "Dressing Challenge", to be discovered starting tonight at 4:50 PM.

Even though the iconic Cristina Cordula can be found in this daily show, the principle of this program promises to be much more ethical than "Les Reines du shopping"...

The challenge mentioned in the title of the show consists of sorting through one's closets and learning to consume fashion more intelligently by turning to second-hand clothing.

A wealth of advice for detoxifying your wardrobe.

In the daily show Dressing Challenge, Cristina Cordula helps participants, both men and women, to detoxify their wardrobe, that is, to declutter their closet.

We all have closets overflowing with clothes and yet, in the morning, we don't know what to wear! However, the pieces we don't wear can quickly invade and clutter both our space and our mind, hence the importance of creating empty space.

In this new program, the fashion expert from M6 will explain how to get rid of clothes that accumulate year after year without being worn, to keep only the essentials.

Regarding this new show, Cristina Cordula stated in an interview that this program is for everyone because "many men and women accumulate clothes, there is overconsumption."

A promotion of second-hand clothing.

Once this first sorting phase is done, the clothes that are not kept are resold. The money collected is used by Cristina Cordula to buy two trendy and second-hand outfits for the participants!

The 58-year-old host explains that for years she had wanted to do a show on M6 about vintage fashion and recycling, and the idea of renewing her wardrobe without polluting...

With the show Dressing Challenge, she wants to raise awareness among viewers about the overconsumption of clothing and the disastrous consequences of the textile industry on the environment.

But she doesn't forget her role as a makeover advisor because she helps participants find unique pieces, in line with the style they dream of and at unbeatable prices!

In this show, viewers will discover that Cristina is a fan of second-hand items because "you can find gems, quality things, and at an excellent price."

A program in tune with the times

You will have understood, with the new fashion show Dressing Challenge, M6 and Cristina Cordula offer us a program that is in tune with the times, where "magnifaïk" rhymes with ecological.

While the host will still give her wise advice on how to makeover oneself according to one's H or V body shape, she will primarily teach us to consume fashion more intelligently, to benefit our wallets and the planet. The show demonstrates that it is better to have a few quality pieces in our wardrobe rather than a lot of low-quality clothes...

We can only praise this more responsible concept, knowing that the textile industry is one of the most polluting on the planet and generates 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

To learn about second-hand shopping in thrift stores or flea markets with the valuable advice of Cristina Cordula, tune in to M6 from Monday to Friday at 4:50 PM starting September 25, 2023.

Author: Audrey
Copyright image: M6
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