The Solliès Pont Vintage Market: Between Nostalgia And Conviviality

The town of Solliès-Pont in the Var region is the capital of figs... but that's not all! Once a year, the castle hosts a vintage market to the delight of fans of antique items, old cars, vinyl records, and other accessories from the 1940s to 1960s. This flea market takes place in a warm atmosphere to the sound of rockabilly music: a guaranteed good time!

Nostalgia has its perks.

Vintage decor is more popular than ever, and nostalgia is a big seller, as evidenced by the crowds at the Solliès Pont vintage market near Toulon.

Once a year, people flock to the Château de Solliès-Pont in the Var region to rummage and spend a day in the spirit of the "American dream".

This event is organized by Nathalie and Stéphan from the Sun vintage association (see the association's Facebook page:

It is a flea market dedicated to the 40's to 60's, held in a festive, rock'n'roll, and slightly nostalgic atmosphere...

You can expect to see pin-ups, marvel at old cars, and find cult and/or kitsch items to redecorate your home.

2024 Edition

The 11th edition of the Solliès Pont vintage market invites you to join us on Sunday, April 14, 2024, at the Château de Solliès-Pont.

On the agenda:
=> 2 pin-up parades: at 12:30 pm on the theme Pin-Up Garage and at 4 pm on the themes of the 30’s - 40’s- 50’s - 60’s
=> a makeover stand
=> a tattoo artist
=> a barber
=> an exhibition of rod and custom vehicles, accepted up to 1965 (REGISTRATION REQUIRED ONLY)

The rock'n'roll atmosphere will be provided by 2 bands:
=> T-Bird & The Wild Bunch
=> Till Tom Specials

And of course, you can do your shopping at the various stalls offering clothes, shoes, decorative items, records...

Food service and a refreshment area are available on-site to refuel after your shopping.

Practical information

The 11th edition of the Solliès-Pont vintage market will be held on April 14, 2024.

Château de Solliès-Pont
Avenue de l'Arlésienne
83210 Solliès-Pont

Open from 9 a.m.

Entrance fee €2

Free for pin-ups and children under 12

Author: Audrey
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More informations:
In French: Le marché vintage de Solliès Pont : entre nostalgie et convivialité
En español: El mercado vintage de Solliès Pont: entre nostalgia y convivencia.
In italiano: Il mercato vintage di Solliès Pont: tra nostalgia e convivialità
Auf Deutsch: Der Vintage-Markt von Solliès Pont: zwischen Nostalgie und Geselligkeit.
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