Féerie De Noël : A Shop Exclusively Dedicated To Christmas Decorations

In the tourist village of Riquewihr, the Féerie de Noël shop is one of the must-see attractions during the holiday season and all year round! This shop has a magical atmosphere and is exclusively dedicated to Christmas decorations.

A 100% magical Christmas shop

If you are visiting the medieval city of Riquewihr in Alsace, be sure to check out the Christmas Fair.

No matter what time of year you visit, this shop like no other will immerse you in a festive atmosphere.

It was after a trip to Germany in the 1990s that the Hanauer family had the idea to open a store devoted entirely to Christmas decorations.

After discovering the Christmas decoration manufacturer Käthe Wohlfahrt, Mr. Hanauer wanted to open such a store in Alsace in 1995.

A dazzling success

The founder was right to follow his idea since, in 20 years of existence, the Féerie de Noël store has been a dazzling success.

Today, this shop has more than 26,000 references including figurines, Christmas ornaments, santons from Provence without forgetting glittering stars and snowflakes.

You can find, among other treasures, original Nutcrackers, smoking men, glass Christmas ornaments as well as a wide selection of table linens.

Although trends change from year to year, traditional decorations such as wooden decorations are often the most popular.

To differentiate itself from low-cost decorations from far away, the shop specializes in handcrafted or small series items, made in Europe.

Even today, most of the products offered by the Hanauer family are supplied by their German partner Käthe Wohlfahrt.

The shop strives to offer items for all budgets, but with an emphasis on local production.

A magical visit

More than a simple shop, the Féerie de Noël boutique is a real experience that will make you fall back in childhood.

Open all year round, it immerses visitors in the magic of Christmas through its layout and holiday atmosphere.

Indeed, the shop houses a decor of small half-timbered houses that depicts a market place under the snow.

Unsurprisingly, attendance peaks between November and January. The shop benefits from the passage of thousands of visitors and welcomes between 3,000 and 5,000 curious people every day thanks to the tourist fame of the village of Riquewihr.

In order to cope with such a large number of visitors at the end of the year, the owners of the shop have planned a sort of signposted route, with a direction for the visit.

Some do not hesitate to come from Belgium, Italy or even the United States and Asia to perfect their Christmas decoration with handcrafted and authentic items, in the purest tradition of Alsatian holidays.

Whether you are looking for original Christmas decorations or souvenir gift ideas to bring back from your stay in Riquewihr, you will find what you are looking for in this shop with its magical atmosphere. The most difficult thing will be to know what to choose!

Finally, note that this year, items from the Féerie de Noël shop will be on sale at the Strasbourg Christmas market right next to the cathedral.

Author: Audrey
Copyright image: Féerie de Noël
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In French: Féerie de Noël : une boutique exclusivement consacrée aux décorations de Noël
En español: Féerie de Noël: una tienda dedicada exclusivamente a la decoración navideña
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