Aesthetic Medicine: Getting A Tattoo Removed With Laser In 5 Questions.

Previously, getting a tattoo was an irreversible decision and the result was considered permanent. But today, there are effective techniques to remove a design or inscription that one no longer wants embedded in their skin. We explain how to get a laser tattoo removal in 5 questions.

"What does this technique involve?"

Today, to remove a tattoo that one no longer wants, it is possible to resort to an aesthetic laser treatment.

This method uses the picosecond laser to break up the ink particles of the design. These particles are then naturally eliminated by your lymphatic system.

To benefit from such tattoo removal, simply make an appointment at an aesthetic medical center.

Who is this treatment for?

Laser tattoo removal is aimed at all tattooed individuals who wish to completely remove a design from their skin. This solution is very practical if you want to erase your ex's name or make a tattoo disappear in a visible area, which would be incompatible with your new job for example... Today, it is not only possible to have a tattoo removed by laser but also to refine the contours using the same method.

3- Is it painful?

Laser tattoo removal is performed by physicians specially trained in the use of picosecond lasers. This can be a dermatologist, a general practitioner or a surgeon.

In all cases, precautions are taken to alleviate the pain of this procedure. You will be asked to apply a numbing cream on the tattooed area one hour before the laser treatment to remove a tattoo.

During the session, a cryotherapy device also helps to limit the sensations of heat and tingling.

After the session, you will not experience any adverse effects, provided you follow post-operative instructions, namely:
• protect the treated area from the sun
• apply a greasy cream to facilitate skin healing.

4- Is it effective?

The picosecond laser is one of the best methods currently available for tattoo removal. Not only does this technique provide optimal results, but it is also much safer than chemical tattoo removal. The latter method carries a risk of skin ulceration and necrosis.

The duration of laser tattoo removal varies depending on the color of the design, its location, and the patient's skin type.

It should be noted that a tattoo is more difficult to remove if:
• it is located on extremities such as hands or ankles
• it is composed of light colors
• it was done on dark skin

5- How much does it cost?

Getting a tattoo removed with laser is a quite expensive cosmetic treatment.

Indeed, the picosecond laser treatment costs at least €100 per session. As we explained earlier, the number of sessions needed depends, among other things, on the size and location of the tattoo.

On average, it takes between 5 and 10 sessions to completely remove this design that we no longer want.

Before you start, plan for a minimum budget of between €500 and €1000. Also, know that this process will take time because laser removal sessions must be spaced two months apart...

Author: Audrey
Copyright image: Calvine Medical Aesthetics
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In French: Médecine esthétique : se faire enlever un tatouage au laser en 5 questions
En español: Medicina estética: eliminación de tatuajes con láser en 5 preguntas.
In italiano: Medicina estetica: rimuovere un tatuaggio con il laser in 5 domande.
Auf Deutsch: Ästhetische Medizin: Ein Tattoo mit Laser entfernen lassen in 5 Fragen
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