Unusual: The Fashion For Dog Clothes

A few years ago, little dogs in tartan coats made passers-by smile. But, in fact, these chilly pooches were ahead of their time! Dog clothes or petwear is the big trend of the 2020s. We suggest you decipher this new fashion for dog clothes.

A booming market

For the past few years, dog and cat owners have not hesitated to buy a wardrobe for their pets.

According to a 2019 Ipsos - SantéVet survey, 28% of dog owners and 11% of cat owners have already purchased a piece of clothing for their pet.

With 88.8 million pet owners in Europe, dog and cat clothing fashion has a bright future.

Canine wardrobe or petwear represents a juicy market, especially as non-food spending on pets is on the rise.

A trend boosted by the pandemic

While dog clothes are not new, industry professionals could see a real jump in sales in the years 2020-2021.

More than just a fashion statement, this new trend is said to be due in part to the Covid-19 epidemic.

With the pandemic, people have experienced a new lifestyle more centered on the family. Pets are part of the family circle and consumers are spending more and more on them.

The coat, which is the perfect complement to the harness and leash, has naturally become the new must-have accessory for caring for our little companions.

An increasingly diversified offer

The fashion industry has clearly understood that there is a market to conquer.

If you're one of those thoughtful owners who dress their dog in a yellow raincoat when it rains and a quilted coat when it starts to get cold outside, you should know that you can now offer your pooch branded clothing.

Spanish brand Zara has launched a line of canine clothing for winter 2021 that's specifically designed to protect pets from the cold.

These tailored, covering pieces include knitted bodysuits, colourful or more sober oilskins and quilted jackets.

Far from stopping there, Zara also offers plaid blankets, sleeping baskets, fabric toys, not to mention leather leashes and collars... When it comes to the comfort of our pets, the Spanish brand doesn't do things by halves.

This ready-to-wear brand is far from being the only one to launch itself in this sector. Its competitors H&M and Barbour are also jumping into this promising niche.

Even luxury brands such as Fendi, Prada and Missoni have decided to invest in the canine wardrobe, to the delight of pooches... and especially their masters!

A fashion supported by social networks

While dog clothing brands used to target more of a 40-something clientele, it's the 20-28 year olds who are buying the most of these types of accessories.

It must be said that the petwear trend is flourishing on social networks.

The recent craze of owners for canine clothing is partly explained by the success of Instagram accounts of four-legged stars: we even talk about dog influencers!

The images of these more or less stylish star pooches collect tens of thousands of likes.

Some dogs have several thousand or even millions of followers on Instagram, like the British Marcel The Corgi (140,000 followers) or Doug the pug (who multiplies disguises and gathers 3.9 million followers).

While some masters look at this new fashion with amazement and prefer to laugh at it, others have already decided to supplement the grooming with the wardrobe!

Author: Audrey
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