Adopting An Animal: What Is The Certificate Of Commitment?

During the summer of 2022, 17,000 pets were abandoned in France. It is to remedy this sad situation that the government has decided to change the rules of adoption. From now on, in order to adopt an animal, the future owners have the obligation to fill and sign a certificate of commitment and knowledge. We explain to you what this new formality consists of.

What is the purpose of this certificate?

The certificate of commitment and knowledge is a new requirement for people who adopt or purchase an animal since October 1, 2022 and the November 30, 2021 anti-animal abuse law goes into effect.

In practice, all people who wish to adopt an animal such as a dog, cat, ferret or rabbit must provide this certificate in order to 'show their credentials'.

This new obligation aims to fight against animal abandonment which is still too numerous. Indeed, it frequently happens that adopters misjudge the investment needed, in time and money, to welcome an animal in their home.

In order to avoid rash adoptions, this certificate of commitment specifies :
- the physiological, behavioral and medical needs of the animal
- the obligations related to the identification of the animal by a tattoo or a microchip
- the financial and logistical consequences of the adoption, i.e. the expenses and the organization to be foreseen (space at home, outings, caretaking during the vacations) in order to satisfy the needs of this animal throughout its life.

This document, which informs you about the cost of maintaining the animal, among other things, is intended to avoid impulse purchases and abandonments a few months later.

Which animals are affected by this new obligation?

If you simply want to adopt a goldfish, no such certificate is required at this time.

The obligation to provide a certificate of commitment and knowledge concerns for the moment :
- dogs
- cats
- rabbits and hares
- ferrets.

This measure will then be extended at the end of December 2022 to all equines, i.e. :
- horses
- donkeys
- mules (resulting from the crossing between a donkey and a mare)
- bardots (from the crossing between a horse and a donkey).

If you own an equine, this certificate will be required as of December 31, 2022, regardless of when you acquired the animal.

Who is affected by this obligation?

The requirement to provide a certificate of commitment and knowledge is for first-time adopters, i.e., people who have never owned an animal of that breed.

It should also be noted that this certificate requirement applies also for animal donations between individuals.

How to obtain this certificate?

So now, in order to adopt an animal, you must fill out and sign a Certificate of Commitment and Knowledge 7 days before the animal's adoption date. This will give you seven days to consider before welcoming a Pet into your home.

This document is delivered by a person with the Attestation of Knowledge for Pets of Domestic Species (ACACED) or equivalent professional certification. This is not necessarily the person who sells or gives you the animal, especially if it is a private individual.

It can be:
- a veterinarian
- a breeder
- a person in charge of a shelter
- a person in charge of an animal protection association.

In practice, you must sign this document in front of this person at least 7 days before the adoption. It will soon be possible to download this certificate beforehand on the websites of Pet shops and shelters.

The SPA has planned to make this document available on its website during the month of October (see the link below).

The person who transfers the animal to you, whether a professional or a private individual, will be responsible for ensuring that this document has been completed and signed 7 days prior to the acquisition or adoption.

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