Mosquitoes: Soon A Revolutionary Repellent To Avoid Bites.

If mosquitoes are ruining your life and spoiling your outdoor evenings as well as your nights, here is some news that will give you hope: Israeli researchers published a study in June 2023 on a new deadly weapon against these insects. This new natural repellent would be able to prevent at least 80% of bites. Explanations.

An unprecedentedly effective mosquito repellent.

Unwanted guests at summer gatherings, mosquitoes spoil the lives and nights of most people. Itchy bites and buzzing in the ears are not their only misdeeds, as these insects are also vectors of serious diseases such as malaria, dengue, and chikungunya.

In the face of this scourge, an article published by Israeli researchers in June 2023 offers a glimmer of hope. These scientists from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem have indeed revealed in the journal PNAS Nexus that they have developed an innovative mosquito repellent capable of preventing over 80% of bites!

If commercialized, this deadly weapon against mosquito bites would be a revolutionary innovation. It would not only allow for more peaceful evenings and nights but also limit the transmission of several serious diseases.

Note: In parallel with this publication, other researchers from Johns Hopkins University in the United States have discovered that mosquitoes use specific receptors to detect their target. This second discovery could also contribute to the development of even more effective repellents.

An innovative chemical camouflage

Unlike repellents currently available on the market, this new weapon against mosquito bites is not a product based on essential oils or DEET.

The revolutionary repellent developed by Israeli researchers acts more like a chemical camouflage that disguises your scent and makes you undetectable to mosquitoes... If you are one of those people that mosquitoes tend to target, this invention could change your life.

In more detail, the innovative repellent developed by these researchers combines two technologies:
• Nanocrystals of cellulose that form a protective barrier on the skin and protect it against 80% of bites. Cellulose also helps retain ammonium hydroxide (an organic volatile compound released by the skin that attracts mosquitoes).
• An aromatic organic compound called indole that emits an unpleasant odor. This malodorous compound is naturally present in coal tar, cruciferous vegetables, and feces.

When these two solutions are used in combination, they protect against bites and prevent mosquito reproduction. According to the Israeli researchers, their product has nearly eliminated mosquito egg laying, with 99.4% fewer eggs.

A novelty still under development

The study published by Israeli researchers in June 2023 therefore gives hope for a truly effective solution against the scourge of mosquito bites soon. The authors of this study claim that their revolutionary mosquito repellent could be on the market as early as 2024.

However, it is important to remain cautious because it is only a preliminary study. These researchers still need to test their repellent under real conditions and ensure that it is not toxic to humans before hoping to commercialize it.

Whether or not you have "mosquito-prone skin," you will need to be patient before being able to get rid of this nuisance and finally escape the itching throughout the summer.

Author: Audrey
Copyright image: Anuj on Pexels
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In French: Moustiques : bientôt un répulsif révolutionnaire pour éviter les piqûres
En español: Mosquitos: pronto habrá un repelente revolucionario para evitar las picaduras.
In italiano: Zanzare: presto un repellente rivoluzionario per evitare le punture.
Auf Deutsch: Mücken: Bald ein revolutionäres Repellent, um Stiche zu vermeiden.
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