Beer Advent Calendar: 5 Tips For Choosing The Right One

The time when Advent calendars were reserved for children is over. Nowadays, a multitude of calendars for adults can be found in stores as early as November, with a much more diversified content than just chocolates and sweets. The beer Advent calendar is one of the most original gift ideas to offer before Christmas. Here are 5 tips to choose it well.

1- Bet on originality.

Thanks to the beer advent calendar, children are no longer the only ones discovering a surprise every day to wait for Christmas! Even though this type of calendar is aimed at beer enthusiasts who appreciate this drink and already know a little about it, the objective is to surprise the recipient.

That's why the first tip for choosing a good beer advent calendar is to focus on the originality of the beers offered. Read the product description carefully and opt for a selection of beers that stands out!

This way, the recipient of this gift will be able to discover new flavors and enrich their knowledge of the beer world throughout the month of December.

2- Favor artisanal beers

The second tip for choosing a beer advent calendar is to prefer craft beers. Artisanal production is a guarantee of quality and offers drinks with original and diverse flavors.

In France and abroad, microbreweries are developing beers with surprising aromas and tastes, which have the additional advantage of being natural, without preservatives or chemicals.

Artisanal beer, also known as craft beer in the United States, stands out from industrial beer in terms of taste and quality. Produced in smaller quantities, it uses traditional manufacturing methods and high-quality raw materials such as hops and cereal malt.

3- Offer a gustatory journey.

The third criterion for choosing a beer advent calendar is the geographical origin of the beers offered. The best calendars are those that bring together products from various countries.

Even though Belgian and British beers are very popular, it is interesting to offer beers produced in other European or world countries.

The beer advent calendar then becomes an invitation to travel and discovery. It offers beer enthusiasts a real gustatory journey in which French breweries are not forgotten!

4- Do not neglect the packaging.

The packaging is an aspect of the beer advent calendar that may seem more trivial, but it is still important at the time of purchase.

To avoid making a mistake in choosing a beer advent calendar, don't just focus on the aesthetic aspect of the packaging. Also check that it is practical enough and not too heavy.

Most calendars of this type come with anti-breakage packaging and handles to facilitate transportation.

The presence of a brochure providing references for the different beers is a bonus that will allow the recipient of this gift to further explore the world of beers, whether they are craft, brown, blonde or red.

5- Look for the best value for money.

The last of the 5 tips for choosing your beer advent calendar is, of course, to prioritize the best value for money.

This type of adult advent calendar typically costs between €60 and €80, depending on the selection of beers offered.

The displayed prices are sometimes higher when the beers are revealed in advance or when they are 100% made in France and come from artisanal microbreweries.

But no matter what budget you can allocate to this gift, you are sure to please all beer enthusiasts with a good, refreshing brew.

Author: Audrey
Copyright image: Sam on Flickr
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