Soft Skills: The 5 Most Sought-after Skills By Employers

People looking for a job do not always think of highlighting certain personal and relational qualities on their CV. And yet, these soft skills have become essential recruitment criteria. We have listed for you the 5 most sought-after skills by employers.

1- Autonomy

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, telecommuting has grown significantly in some companies. The top 5 skills most sought after by employers, especially in companies that use telecommuting several days a week, is autonomy.

If you're applying for this type of position, highlight your ability to solve problems, on your own if need be.

Autonomy is the ability to stand on your own two feet, but also to take initiative, set a schedule and priorities, and manage your time. These are the most useful soft skills when working remotely.

2- Adaptability

The adaptability is also one of the top 5 most sought after skills by employers, especially in today's highly uncertain environment.

When health or economic conditions are unstable, it is crucial to be able to adapt to circumstances and be flexible.

Among soft skills, adaptability is a card to play for job seekers who are past 40. If you're one of them, don't hesitate to point out that you've held different positions and that these experiences have helped you develop your adaptability and stress management skills.

3- Team spirit

Among the 5 most sought after skills by employers, there is one that is appreciated at all times, I am of course referring to team spirit.

This is a crucial soft skill in companies where projects involve multiple businesses or departments. In this context, you have to know how to think collectively and strengthen group cohesion to create value.

If you want to get hired in this type of company, put forward your listening skills and your ability to work in a team. These are two soft skills that can make a difference!

4- The sense of service

The sense of service is one of the 5 most sought-after skills by employers, for positions dealing with the public or customers, but not only!

Even if you are not applying for a sales or customer relations position, you can highlight your sense of service among your soft skills.

Recruiters are very fond of dedicated people who are able to put their skills to work for their colleagues and the company in general. So, if you're someone who likes to help others and can be counted on, don't hesitate to make that known on your resume!

5- Negotiation skills

The last of the 5 most sought-after skills by employers is undoubtedly negotiation skills.

This quality is among the most valued soft skills because it is rather rare. Being a good negotiator implies being able to take into account different points of view and knowing how to argue to get your position accepted.

This requires intellectual qualities but also emotional intelligence because, in order to negotiate well with others, one must know how to listen to them and interact with diplomacy.

Did you know that?

The term soft skills is often translated as 'soft skills', but it would be more accurate to refer to behavioral skills.

This expression was coined across the Atlantic in opposition to hard skills, which refer to the technical skills (legal, administrative, financial or computer skills...) needed to perform a job.

In a Cadremploi survey from May 2019, 62% of business leaders and managers said they were ready to recruit candidates mainly on soft skills criteria such as the ability to adapt and the ability to work in teams

On your resume or during a job interview with a recruiter, don't hesitate to describe your previous assignments, the soft skills you've mobilized and the results you've achieved.

Author: Audrey
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