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Electricity consumption: 5 things that really make a difference

in the different rooms of your home, you can also purchase programmable room thermostats. According to Ademe, this can save up to 15%. 2- Limit hot water consumption As we told you above, the water heater is the second largest energy consumption item in homes. Limiting your hot water consumptio ...


Filtered carafes

r, the appearance, smell, or chlorinated taste of tap water leads to some consumer mistrust. Development of the bottled water market In 2003, bottled water consumption was 149 liters per capita in France and this sector represented a market of 2.2 billion euros. However, this habit has its drawbacks ...


Plumbing: the 5 most common problems and their solutions

n the repairs begin. Remember that a water leak is a problem not to be ignored. If you don't call a plumbing company quickly, you risk having your water consumption rise and the damage worsen in your home or your neighbors' homes. 2- Repairing a leak in the pipes or hot water tank Leaky pipes are ...


Energy efficiency: the government's 5 key measures

ations to lead by example. It has thus decided to cut off hot water in public sanitary facilities, except for showers. It should be noted that hot water consumption in public buildings accounts for 10% of the state's total energy consumption. The government has also provided an envelope of 150 ...


World Water Day: 5 gestures to preserve this resource.

� when you take a shower • when you brush your teeth • when you wash dishes by hand • when you rinse vegetables in the sink. To limit your water consumption, remember to use a glass when brushing your teeth and a soapy water basin when washing dishes by hand. When rinsing vegetab ...


The Gardens of Awakening: an educational park in Brittany.

nal workshops, expand the program offered up to the 9th grade, and better accommodate people with disabilities... This park, unlike any other, limits its water consumption and generates its electricity through geothermal energy and photovoltaic panels. It aims to be exemplary in terms of environmen ...