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Children: 5 rules for a good use of the tablet

ist Serge Tisseron has come up with a rule to help parents frame screen use. He named it the 3-6-9-12 rule in reference to the age of children. The principle is simple and can be summed up in 4 points: => no television before age 3 => no personal console before 6 years old => no surfing o ...


Online casinos: what are the different types of slot machines?

achines are connected to each other, sometimes in different online casinos - by the fact that it allows players to win a progressive jackpot. The principle of a progressive slot machine is simple: the amount of the jackpot rises as players bet on a participating machine. Once won, the jac ...


Walking: 3 ideas to motivate yourself to walk

nd out if this system already exists. 2- Practice canine walking Another idea for walking more often is to practice cani-walking or cani-rando. The principle of this sport is very simple since it consists of going for a walk in the city or in the middle of nature while always staying behind o ...


Games: The 5 most popular casino games

these machines. Just launch the game and watch the thumbnails scroll before your eyes until you stop, hoping that 3 identical images are aligned. The principle of the game is so simple and fun that you can quickly become addicted to slot machines! To note: to avoid leaving your shirt there, t ...


Sleep: 5 tips to stop taking sleeping pills

hould be gradual and should preferably begin during a vacation or weekend. Consult your doctor to establish a step-by-step withdrawal schedule. The principle is to decrease your doses little by little, by cutting your tablet into pieces. For example, you'll cut it in half the first week, then ...


Hobbies : create a paludarium in 5 questions

he water does not occupy all the space but where there is also an emerged part, like a beach, rocks emerging from the water and especially plants. The principle is to recreate at home an aquatic environment including a submerged part and a terrestrial part. Although it is possible to create an ...


Heart: Test your heart health with the staircase test

What is the principle of this test? If you feel short of breath when you take the stairs or feel tired during exercise, you may be wondering if your heart is healthy. According to the WHO, cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death worldwide. However, before seeing a cardiologist, y ...


Chia fresca with watermelon: a healthy drink recipe

his culinary trend, you may not know that you can also make a super drink with these little seeds with multiple nutritional benefits: chia fresca. The principle is very simple since it is enough to swell these seeds in a liquid like water or fruit juice. The result is as amazing as it is satiatin ...