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Lentil salad with smoked salmon: a simple recipe

Ingredients Here are the ingredients needed to make a lentil salad with smoked salmon for 4 people: 250 g of green lentils from Le Puy 4 large slices of smoked salmon 1 red onion 2 organic yellow lemons 2 bay leaves a branch of thyme a sprig of rosemary 3 tablespoons of rapeseed oil salt ...


Nutrition: how to make a complete salad?

pose your salads, you will be spoilt for choice between pasta and cooked rice, but also bulgur, toasted bread croutons, cooked potatoes, sweet potato, lentils, red beans or broad beans. 3- Add protein Protein is another component of a complete salad, but that doesn't mean you have to add chicken ...


Salmon poke bowl: an easy recipe

Ingredients Here are the ingredients needed to make a salmon poke bowl for 2 people: 300 g of brown rice, green lentils and red quinoa (sold at Picard) 2 salmon steaks without the skin 1 ripe avocado half a cucumber 1 bunch of radishes 1 carrot 2 tablespoons of soy sauce 1 tablespoon of h ...


15 foods to relieve stress

their study partners at the end of the two weeks compared to when they did not take it. Other tryptophan-rich foods included nuts, seeds, tofu, fish, lentils, oats, beans and eggs. Oats If you already love carbs, chances are there's nothing that can come between you and a donut when stress hits. Fir ...


Tips for Successful Salads

oke hearts, cherry tomatoes, red onions and carrots to accompany with a lemon and mint dressing. A Vegan Salad: Frisée and Lentil Salad: Frisée salad, lentils, cauliflower and Peppers to accompany with a Xeres vinegar dressing. An Asian Salad : Mango Salad : Chinese Cabbage, Tofu, Red Onion, Man ...


White lupine: a decorative and edible plant

rge, flat and creamy white in color. They should be harvested in June and July before the plant's pods dry out. With nearly 35% protein, more than lentils, its seeds are very nutritious and are a vegetarian's delight. Not only are they high in protein, they are also gluten-free and low in fat (8% ...