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Gastroenteritis: symptoms and remedies

teria or a virus. The symptoms of the disease, which can vary from person to person, are diarrhea often accompanied by vomiting, abdominal cramps, headache, and fever flare-ups. The main complication to be feared is dehydration of the body, especially in infants and young children or the elder ...


Air travel: what are the prohibited items?

What can you take with you? Among the objects not allowed on the plane, some cannot be taken with you in a carry-on bag. Strictly forbidden in the cabin are: - sharp, blunt (baseball bat), metallic or non-metallic objects that can be used as weapons, including nail scissors, glass or metal nail ...


The hydroalcoholic gel: history of an invention

minutes. This method is therefore simply impossible, and in the end caregivers wash their hands nearly 40% less than they should... To solve this headache, Didier Pittet sees a solution: using alcohol, which is a powerful antiseptic, instead of soap. With the help of William Griffiths, a phar ...


Covid-19: have we all become hypochondriacs?

ty about health. Hypochondriacs worry about their aches and pains as well as the 'silence of the organs'. At the slightest symptom, even a trivial headache, they think the worst (and imagine they are victims of an incurable disease). But, even feeling nothing at all can make them fear that the ...


Monkeypox: should we be concerned?

wollen glands and a rash on their hands, feet and face, the disease usually heals on its own. The symptoms that should alert you are fever, severe headache, swollen nodes, fatigue, and muscle pain. The rash then occurs and is usually concentrated on the face, palms, soles, and oral mucosa, gen ...


Balanced meal ideas: a week of easy recipes

Balanced meals when you want them People who eat out at lunch usually have their heartiest meal in the evening. If that's the case for you, you can use this Easy Recipes Week as inspiration for your evening meals. On the other hand, if you're used to eating your main meal at lunch and eating lig ...


Everything everywhere all at once: why is this film making the buzz?

Dies) in the lead role ... The plot, whose heroine is a Chinese immigrant living in California and owner of a laundromat, is enough to give you a headache as it navigates between eras and different universes, like The Matrix with a kung-fu sauce. As the story is impossible to summarize, here ...


The end of the mandatory receipt: what does it change?

is a very vague notion. Is a simple verbal agreement sufficient? Will it be necessary to ask for a signature at the cash desk? The question is a real headache... To answer it, some start-ups are working on solutions to anonymize the dematerialized ticket. This is for example the case of Billiv, a ...