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Environment: not everything is allowed on the beach

eneficial to the environment and helps keep the beach clean. What other elements are protected? On the beaches, the pebbles protect the fauna and flora from swell and erosion. That's why it's not allowed to pick up pebbles or even pile them. Even if pebble piles look good to you, be aware tha ...


The little train of Artouste: embark on a dizzying journey in the Pyrenees

The highest tourist train in Europe Contrary to what one might think, the highest tourist train in Europe is not in the Alps but in the Pyrenees! It criss-crosses the mountains in the Bearn region, in the heart of the Ossau Valley, not far from the Spanish border. This tourist train called pe ...


2021, the polar summer: a cultural season throughout France

eness among a wide audience through the screening of documentaries and films, some of which have never been shown before, on the polar environment, its flora and fauna, and on the challenges of preserving these ecosystems. As the high point of Polar Summer 2021, a closing event for the season wil ...


The Saint Nicolas festivities in Nancy: a magical event

of festivities will be the big St. Nicholas weekend. This weekend, which falls this year on December 4 and 5, 2021, will have as its theme Fauna and Flora. Some 98 performances will be given by 28 street arts companies and 15 sessions of playful and participatory animations will be offered. ...


Hobbies : create a paludarium in 5 questions

ate many animal and plant species. Unlike a traditional aquarium, the aqua terrarium allows you to set up an entire plant world reminiscent of the flora of a swamp. As for the animals, you can have different types of species evolve there such as fish but also amphibians, reptiles or crustacean ...


Trip to England: 10 places to visit in Cornwall

arden Thanks to the passage of the gulf stream, the county of Cornwall enjoys an exceptionally mild climate, conducive to the development of an amazing flora. This region of the United Kingdom, which is often referred to as the English Riviera, is thus home to many lush gardens. As you explore th ...