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The margarita: the secrets of the famous cocktail

A cocktail born in Acapulco Did you know that the margarita was born in Acapulco in 1948? This tequila-based cocktail is said to have been invented by Americans residing in Mexico. It was in Acapulco, a city on the Pacific coast of Mexico that this famous cocktail was created by Margaret Sames, ...


Phytotherapy: each honey has its virtues

1- Acacia honey The acacia honey has a blond color and has the characteristic of remaining liquid for a long time. Because of its very mild flavor, it is often used to sweeten hot or cold drinks. It is most indicated in case of diabetes because its glycemic index is low (20). Indeed, it ha ...


Foodie Love: a romantic series on Arte

encounter is centered on a menu, from the small traditional Japanese food shop to the big Michelin-starred restaurant, via the ice cream shop and the cocktail bar! Love and gastronomy on the menu With totally assumed greed, Spanish director Isabel Coixet (The Bookshop) intertwines culinary disco ...


Agatha Christie's Little Murders: 5 good reasons to watch the new episode of April 29

ose of humor This season 3 of Agatha Christie's Little Murders, like its predecessors, offers us a refreshing mix of whodunit, humor and fun. For this cocktail to be successful, the comic springs of course lie in the main trio. We enjoy watching the open war between Max Beretta, archetype of the ...


Aperitif: 6 questions to make a success of a convivial aperitif

basic glasses that you use every day! The drinks you're going to serve will be better displayed if you purchase wine glasses, whiskey glasses and cocktail glasses from an online concept store dedicated to wines and spirits. You can even find in this type of specialized online stores boxes ded ...


Chia fresca with watermelon: a healthy drink recipe

seeds in a liquid like water or fruit juice. The result is as amazing as it is satiating since this mixture will take on a gelatinous texture. A cocktail of benefits As you can see, making chia fresca is not very complicated... But if this simple recipe is so appealing, it is mainly for its man ...


Iced tea with fruit: an original non-alcoholic drink

fruit iced tea in pretty glasses or sangria cups like the photo below. Copyright: Audrey Vautherot To note: just like the famous Spanish cocktail, this drink is best enjoyed chilled by pouring fruit into the glasses and adding ice cubes if you like. Copyright: Audrey Vautherot ...