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Campus Sud des Métiers: 5 things to know about this training center in Nice

neering - Tourism, hotels and restaurants - Water sports - Human resources - Sport Business - Design 4- It offers training from CAP to Bac+5 The Campus Sud des Métiers offers training from CAP to Bac+ 5. It therefore welcomes people of all ages, from young people leavin ...


Sunstroke: symptoms and remedies

avoiding napping in the sun, especially after meals - Wear light, loose-fitting, light-coloured clothing when in the sun - Protect your head with a cap or a white hat - Wet your forehead and the back of your neck regularly - Drink often, even before you feel thirsty, and remember to give your c ...


Hiking with kids: 5 tips to motivate them

d and motivated to walk. This will also allow you to listen to their needs and not forget anything. Remember to take enough water, sunscreen and a cap but also an extra sweater and a K-Way even if the weather seems mild. Take bandaids and antiseptic with you so that you can take care of any small ...


How to make homemade kombucha?

per liter to the drink at this stage to enhance its effervescence. In any case, let the mixture ferment again for a few days, sometimes opening the cap of your bottles to let the gas escape. Then put the bottle of homemade flavored kombucha back in the fridge. What are the precautions to take ...


Endive salad with grapefruit and smoked salmon: an easy recipe

s fruits raw to recover grapefruit and orange supremes. 1- To peel the orange and grapefruit raw, start by cutting off the base of the fruit and a cap on top. 2- Holding the fruit upright, steady on its base, remove the peel by sliding the knife blade between the peel and the pulp and followin ...


Purchasing power: the anti-inflation basket in 5 questions

o be noted that this boost to French purchasing power will only be provisional. For now, it is expected to last until June. 'We hope that the inflation cap will be passed in the spring and we will do a new point [in June]', said the minister's office. 5- Why is this measure controversial? Accord ...


Seniors: 5 tips for maintaining mobility with age

off (with velcro rather than laces). For your outings, wear loose, lightweight clothing and adjust your gear according to the weather by adding a cap or hat on hot days and a waterproof windbreaker on rainy days. Preferably carry a not too large, insulated backpack, as this type of bag is muc ...


Emmental de Savoie: 6 things to know about this cheese.

taste, Savoie Emmental holds the title of largest French cheese. A wheel of Emmental, recognized by its more or less rounded shape without a hollow or cap, weighs an average of 75 kg. These large wheels are aged in maturing cellars for 75 to 100 days (compared to only 56 days for French Emmental). ...


The shrimp pomelo salad: a delicious recipe.

imple. The most technical part of the recipe is to peel the pomelo to retrieve the flesh without the white skin. 1- Cut the base of the pomelo and a cap on top of the fruit so that it can be held upright. 2- Place the pomelo on a dessert plate to collect the pomelo juice for the rest of the recipe ...