Khôl: An Exhibition At The Musée International De La Parfumerie In Grasse

If you want to discover a beauty secret from the East, don't miss the next temporary exhibition of the Musée International de la Parfumerie in Grasse! From December 3, 2021, the museum will present an exhibition dedicated to kohl: an opportunity to learn more about this makeup product whose use dates back to Antiquity.

A new collection to discover

With the exhibition Khôl, the secret of a bewitching look from the East, the Musée International de la Parfumerie de Grasse celebrates the acquisition of a private collection of khôl pots that was donated to it in 2016 by Mme Françoise Leblanc.

The exhibition will be an opportunity for the museum to unveil this amazing collection to the public for the first time.

After having evoked traditional body adornments in the four corners of the world in 2015 and perfumery at the turn of the 20th century in 2016, the MIP continues its exploration of the world of Cosmetics through time and the different continents by devoting its new temporary exhibition to the history of this beauty secret from the East.

An ancient and mysterious beauty product

If the history of kohl is so fascinating, it is first of all because it goes back to the highest antiquity.

This product was indeed used by the Egyptians and had, at that time, a social, religious and medicinal function.

Its use then spread throughout the Mediterranean basin, Arabia and part of Asia. It was then used to emphasize the look of women, but also of men and children.

In ancient times, this product, made from galena, i.e. lead sulfide, was also used for therapeutic purposes. The lead in kohl was used to treat eye infections.

By darkening the edges of the eyelids, it helped to reduce refractions of light from the sun. Even if this product had a certain utility, one knows today that it is toxic.

Bottles of different styles

In Antiquity, the recipes for making kohl were numerous and varied according to the place of production.

But this product is always preserved in an elaborate bottle, usually with an applicator stick.

As the PIM collection demonstrates, these bottles were made with the materials and techniques specific to the place of kohl production.

With the exhibition 'Khôl, the secret of a bewitching look from the East', the museum offers visitors the chance to discover an important collection of these containers.

The Musée International de la Parfumerie places this collection in its historical context through an immersive and fascinating scenography.

Note: throughout the duration of this temporary exhibition, the museum will offer an event program in partnership with the Grasse museums' public service. Conferences and workshops will allow visitors to explore various themes related to the exhibition.

Practical information

The exhibition Le khôl, le secret d'un regard envoûtant venu d'Orient is held at the Musée International de la Parfumerie de Grasse from December 3, 2021 to March 13, 2022.

Musée International de la Parfumerie
2, bd du Jeu de Ballon
06130 GRASSE

Open every day from 10am to 5.30pm
Guided tour on Saturday at 3pm

Full price : 6 €
Free for under 18s, unemployed and disabled people and for all on the first Sunday of each month

To note: the health pass is mandatory to access the museum.

Author: Audrey
Copyright image: Musée International de la Parfumerie
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