How To Celebrate World Book Day On April 23rd?

The date of April 23rd has been chosen by UNESCO to pay tribute to books and their authors. On this day, where reading is celebrated, young and old are invited to participate in events in different places such as bookstores and libraries. Even if there is no event organized near you, here are 5 ideas that will allow you to celebrate World Book and Copyright Day.

1- Offer a book.

For World Book and Copyright Day, which is held every year on April 23rd, tradition dictates that we buy a paper book to support the publishing industry.

As this date falls on a Sunday this year, don't wait until the last minute to go to the bookstore! Plan your literary shopping on Friday evening or Saturday instead.

What better way to start the weekend than by choosing one or more books that you would like to give to your loved ones? Children, teenagers, or adults, everyone loves surprises, especially when it comes to a good book!

And if you lack inspiration to give this type of gift to someone else, take this opportunity to give yourself a book that you have wanted for a long time. April 23rd is the perfect day to treat yourself ;-)

Create a book with children.

If you have children or grandchildren around you who are just starting to read, another way to celebrate Book and Copyright Day is to create a short story with them.

After choosing the characters and plot together, you can make your own book in A5 format by printing the text and illustrating it with the children's drawings.

This creative workshop is one of the best ways to introduce children to bookmaking and the concept of copyright. Indeed, it is much easier to explain to them what intellectual property is by starting with a concrete example that is their own creation...

3- Read a book out loud.

If you don't have time to create a homemade book, you can celebrate World Book and Copyright Day on April 23rd by reading a book out loud with children. Telling stories to younger children or sharing a read-aloud with those learning to read in first or second grade is one of the best ways to foster a love of reading and books in children! Take advantage of this World Day opportunity to bring out your most beautiful fairy tale books or to offer them a new one (in accordance with tip number 1).

4- Make bookmarks.

On the occasion of World Book and Copyright Day, you can also offer children a less ambitious creative project than making a book: creating a personalized bookmark!

You will find countless bookmark templates to print and/or color on the internet, as well as tutorials galore so you never lose your page while reading.

It is quite easy to make a bookmark with cardboard paper and customize it endlessly with drawings, collages or the addition of ribbons and beads. Let your imagination run wild and above all, have fun!

5- Reread one of your favorite books.

Finally, to end this day where you shared your love of reading and books with your loved ones, what better way than to turn off your television and smartphone and treat yourself to a reading evening?

Another way to celebrate World Book and Copyright Day is simply to immerse yourself in a novel that you particularly enjoyed.

The books we keep at home are like old friends that we love to reconnect with from time to time. To enjoy the benefits of bibliotherapy, go rummaging through your library and you will surely find a book that you loved!

Rereading beloved books is good for the soul and brings a good dose of happiness, especially when it comes to feel-good books (meaning: novels that make you smile with their humor and/or positive plot).

Author: Audrey
Copyright image: Aliis Sinisalu on Unsplash
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