Partir En Livre: A Great Celebration Of Children's Books

Summer is the ideal season to relax and travel, including through books! To promote the meeting between children's books and their young audience, the Minister of Culture Fleur Pellerin launched in 2015 a major national operation called 'Lire en short'. This event returns this summer under the name 'Partir en livre'! Based on the model of the music festival, this great festival of children's books takes place throughout France and offers completely free activities.

Passing on the pleasure of reading

What better opportunity than the summer vacations to immerse yourself in books and comics and experience extraordinary adventures?

Because Reading is not a pleasure reserved for an elite, the Minister of Culture Fleur Pellerin decided to launch during the summer of 2015 a great celebration of children's books called Lire en court. For summer 2016, this operation has been renamed Partir en Livre!

This national operation is inspired by the music festival in its scope and its festive and free character.

In order to transmit the pleasure of Reading to young people, this event is organized around three strong ideas:
- to organize this festival in summer, a period of free time and leisure for families
- to bring books and Reading to the public, and not the other way around
- to extend the festival to all types of Reading and all artistic disciplines.

Edition 2022

For its 2nd edition, the great children's book festival 'Partir en livre' is held from June 22 to July 24, 2022 throughout France.

It will offer this summer again hundreds of free events for children but also teenagers.

This festival will remain true to its philosophy: to offer all young people, whether or not they go on vacation, books and activities around Reading and writing.

'Partir en Livre' will be set up in particular in gardens and parks, on urban beaches, on the coast, but also in campsites and unusual places that are associated with this operation.

The event's poster, designed by Joann Sfar, pays tribute to the diversity of readers.

Practical information

Lire en court gives you an appointment from June 22 to July 24, 2022 near your home or your vacation spot.

Events are referenced throughout France (see the interactive map on the official website below).

The animations are entirely free.

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