Paris Book Fair: The Paris Book Fair At Porte De Versailles

The Paris Book Fair, held annually at the Porte de Versailles, is an opportunity to share the passion for books with a wide audience. This event is particularly open to young people, who can enter for free. It has now been renamed Livre Paris!

Trade Show Introduction

The Paris Book Fair is an event dedicated to books and writing that was established in 1981 by the National Publishing Syndicate.

The uniqueness of this Fair lies in its openness to professionals (both major and small publishers) as well as the general public. The organized meetings with writers and thematic debates make this gathering a significant cultural and festive event.

A wide variety of themes

At the Paris Book Fair, literary production is represented in all its diversity. All literary genres are present: novels, thrillers, art books, comics, practical books, essays... It includes discussions on current literary events, but also on children's literature and comics.

Moreover, this event is dedicated each year to a different theme: Germany (1989), India (1990), Italy (1991), Spain (1992), the United States (1996), Japan (1997), Brazil (1998), Quebec (1999), Portugal (2000), Germany (2001), Italy (2002), Dutch-language literature (2003), Chinese letters (2004), Russia (2005), the Francophonie (2006), India (2007).

The different animations

The Book Fair features debates, meetings, exhibitions, as well as concerts and shows. Every year, some 2000 authors come to sign their latest book.

Many partners are associated with this event, including France Télévision, Radio France, SNCF, Virgin Megastore, as well as the printed Press and the world of publishing.

To find out the details of the program, we invite you to visit the official website of this event, below.

Practical Information

The book fair, renamed Livre Paris, will take place from April 12 to 14 at Paris Porte de Versailles.

This year, nearly 300 voices will be heard on the various stages of the Grand Palais Éphémère and off-site locations.
Quebec will be the guest of honor at the Paris Book Festival.

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More informations:
In French: Livre Paris : le salon du livre de Paris Porte de Versailles
En español: Feria del Libro de París: el salón del libro de París Porte de Versailles.
In italiano: Fiera del Libro di Parigi: il salone del libro di Parigi Porta de Versailles.
Auf Deutsch: Buchmesse Paris: die Buchmesse in Paris Porte de Versailles
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