Halloween: 3 Tips For A Successful Movie Night

We all have a good reason to love Halloween. Some people love dressing up while others are crazy about treats and candies. There are also those who can't imagine celebrating October 31st without a good horror movie. If you belong to the third category, here are 3 tips for organizing a special Halloween movie night.

1- Find out about screenings near you.

If you don't have the time or space to organize a movie night at home on the evening of October 31st, know that many cinemas in France are organizing special Halloween nights. For the occasion, movie theaters offer film lovers the opportunity to rediscover iconic horror films on the big screen!

It should also be noted that cinemas are not the only ones offering screenings on that night. In Paris, for example, the rock club Supersonic also pays tribute to great horror classics on the evening of October 31st.

At Supersonic, the screening of cinematic classics such as The Silence of the Lambs or The Exorcist is not the only special Halloween event. To make your night as terrifying as it is memorable, this Parisian club also organizes a live tribute, a costume contest, and DJ sets!

Still in the capital, the Philharmonie de Paris offers a screening of the 1931 film Dracula on October 31st, 2023, in black and white and in a cine-concert version, meaning accompanied by live piano music.

The music performed live during the film screening is the original soundtrack composed by Philip Glass in 1998 for the reissue of this first film adaptation of Dracula.

2- For a night at home, choose your movies wisely.

In the absence of scheduled events in cinemas or cultural venues near you, you can definitely prepare a special Halloween movie night at home. The most important element for a successful party is undoubtedly the choice of film(s) that you will offer to your guests.

You will of course need to take into account the age of the audience:
• If you are organizing this type of movie night for children, choose gently scary films and animated movies such as Hotel Transylvania, The Addams Family (in the animated version of 2019), Disney's Coco or the film Casper.

• For young teenagers aged 12 or 13, you can suggest Tim Burton's film Corpse Bride, Gremlins or the original 1984 version of Ghostbusters or the modern and feminized 2016 version.

For adults, you have a wide choice of horror films. In October 2023, the language learning platform Preply unveiled the results of its survey on the 30 favorite films of the French for Halloween. You can discover the ranking on the image below, which will give chills to many!

3- Don't forget the atmosphere and the treats.

Even if movies are the key element of a successful movie night, you should not neglect other aspects of the Halloween party, such as decoration, the comfort of your guests, and of course, the drinks and treats that you will serve them.

If your movie session is going to last until late at night, consider adding cushions and blankets, on your couch or even on the floor, so that everyone can be comfortably seated.

Finally, it is inconceivable to organize a special Halloween party without unlimited drinks and treats. In addition to the essential candies, do not hesitate to offer savory snacks such as nachos or mini pizzas to satisfy those who prefer salty foods.

As it is a movie night, I recommend preparing popcorn, and even bloody popcorn! Just coat your homemade popcorn with salted butter caramel and a few drops of red food coloring. Gore atmosphere guaranteed!

Author: Audrey
Copyright image: FeelGoodPal
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