What To Do For Valentine's Day: 5 Ideas For Unusual Getaways In Europe

If you're looking for a last-minute idea for a romantic getaway on February 14, read our suggestions below! Anyone who doesn't know what to do for Valentine's Day will find inspiration here. We have listed 5 ideas for unusual getaways in Europe.

1- Skiing in the city center of Copenhagen

A popular destination for a city break, Copenhagen is an original city that is both romantic and eco-friendly. Less than 2 hours by plane from Paris, the capital of Denmark is the first of 5 unusual getaway ideas for the lovers' holiday, especially for couples who love skiing and ecofriendly initiatives.

If you don't know what to do for Valentine's Day, head to Copenhill! This waste incineration plant has been transformed into an urban mountain, complete with ski slopes in the middle of downtown.

You can run, hike and climb there, but also ski thanks to a freestyle park, a slalom course and a course for children. Not only is this a very original experience for a romantic outing, but it also offers a breathtaking view of the city of Copenhagen!

2- Take a walk along the water in Hamburg

If you think the height of romance is taking a boat ride, you should know that Venice isn't the only city in Europe where you can have this experience! The second of our 5 unusual European getaway ideas suggests you go to Hamburg in Germany.

The country's second largest city after Berlin, Hamburg is a green and trendy destination with a city center crisscrossed by canals.

In the trendy Hamburg-Winterhude district, Café Canale isn't just a cozy place to sit down for a drink and cake while enjoying the view of the Mühlenkamp Canal.

This canal-side café offers serving its delicacies on the water, aboard a pedal boat or canoe for an unforgettable romantic moment.

3- Go skydiving in the Algarve

If you don't know what to do for Valentine's Day and you love thrills, Portugal is the place to go, and more precisely in Algarve! This beautiful region, located in the very south of the country, is known for its dreamy beaches and unspoiled nature. But it has many other surprises in store for lovers...

More precisely, this unusual getaway consists in going to the charming seaside resort of Alvor, on the banks of the Ria de Alva.

This is where the Skydive Algarve company offers you a memorable and adrenaline-filled experience: tandem skydiving before landing on one of the largest sandy beaches in the region!

4- Beer-based treatments in Brussels

Sure, it's pretty common to give or treat yourself to duo spa treatments for Lover's Day... But have you ever heard of beer-based treatments?

For this out of the ordinary experience, head to Brussels in Belgium. Not only is the Belgian capital a beautiful destination for a romantic getaway, but it's home to one of the most unique spas in the world, Bath and Barley!

After admiring Brussels' Art Nouveau style buildings and visiting the Belgian Comic Strip Center, come relax by immersing yourself in a Belgian beer bath! This experience is even more relaxing and fun than you think. It's a Valentine's Day experience you won't soon forget!

5- Admire a sunset on Lake Maggiore

A romantic moment par excellence, the sunset is even more memorable when you can admire it in an exceptional site.

The last of our 5 unusual getaway ideas in Europe suggests you head to Lake Maggiore in Italy. This lake located on the border between Italy and Switzerland is home to three fabulous islands, the Borromean Islands.

If you want to experience a unique moment for Valentine's Day this year, we recommend booking a sunset boat tour with the company Navigazione Isole Lago Maggiore (see link below).

You can couple this excursion with a romantic dinner on one of the islands, for a lovers' day without a false note...

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