Angoulême : 5 Things To Do In Angoulême

Even if this destination is known as the capital of the comic strip, the tourist attractions of Angoulême are not limited to the ninth art. From the ramparts to the banks of the Charente, this city offers many other treasures to discover. We have selected 5 things to do there.

1- Walk around the ramparts

To discover the city perched on a limestone spur above a meander of the Charente, you can start by touring its ramparts.

The ramparts, the oldest parts of which date back to Gallo-Roman times, offer an incredible view of Angoulême. From there, you can already see the main monuments and gardens of the city.

Every year in September takes place there a car race of international reputation: the Circuit des Remparts d'Angoulême!

2- Walk in the old town

After glimpsing the city from the top of the ramparts, you can dive into the heart of Vieil Angoulême to discover its architectural heritage.

In particular, you will be able to admire the Charentais houses, the City Hall located in the remains of the Comtal castle and the Law Courts which was established in a former convent.

With its cobbled streets and picturesque squares, the old town has an air of Montmartre: take a break on the Place des Halles or the Place Francis Louvel to have a coffee or a drink on the terrace!

3- Visit St. Peter's Cathedral

Lovers of history and old stones, don't miss to visit the Saint-Pierre cathedral built in the 12th century! It is one of the most beautiful monuments in Old Angoulême.

Although the building was damaged during the Wars of Religion, it was restored in the 17th and 19th centuries and offers a magnificent example of Romanesque art.

Take time to admire its impressive sculpted facade: you can see a relief depicting Saint George slaying the dragon and a lintel featuring a battle inspired by La Chanson de Roland.

4- Admire the painted walls and the Cité de la bande dessinée

In Angoulême, it is impossible to forget that you are in the capital of comics. In the city, even the street name signs are in the shape of comic book bubbles!

The city is of course known for its International Comics Festival (which celebrates its 50th edition in January 2023) and for its Cité de la bande dessinée et de l'image rich with a collection unique in Europe.

But it also displays its love of the ninth art even on its walls and bridges. On a bridge over the Charente, a statue of Corto Maltese pays tribute to the hero of Hugo Pratt's comics.

You'll also find other statues in the city featuring comic book characters as well as many frescoes and painted walls, such as La fille des remparts by Max Cabannes.

This trompe l'oeil fresco is one of the twenty or so painted walls you can discover by taking a tourist tour. An original way to explore this destination!

5- Take a cruise on the river Charente

Finally, if you want to discover Angoulême from another angle, board a cruise boat on the Charente for a bucolic stroll along the water!

Several possibilities are available to you on site: a commented cruise lasting 1h45, a dinner cruise or the rental of a boat.

To learn more about the water activities offered on the river, I invite you to visit the website of the Angoulême Tourist Office (link below).

Before you leave, take a shopping spree to treat yourself to charentaises and chocolates from the famous chocolaterie Duceau. The must-have local specialty is the Marguerite d'Angoulême... in dark chocolate!

Author: Audrey
Copyright image: Cobber17
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