Holiday Insurance For A Worry-free Vacation

Are you planning to book a seasonal rental for your vacations, by the sea, in the country or in the city in an apartment? Have you thought about taking out holiday insurance? We suggest you discover the usefulness of this type of insurance in 5 questions.

1- What is this insurance for?

As the name implies, a resort insurance covers you while away from your primary residence.

This type of policy is especially useful if you decide to book a seasonal rental while on vacation, for a weekend or a few weeks.

Certainly, even while you are on vacation, your liability insurance can come into play to cover damage caused to a third party by the insured, his or her spouse and children, and animals. But holiday insurance provides additional peace of mind because it offers you additional coverage.

It compensates people and protects the rented property against various risks: water damage, fire, explosion, theft and vandalism, and even natural disasters.

These various damages will be compensated by the insurer, except if they were caused intentionally or if they occurred outside the dates of the contract or outside the geographical area defined in the contract.

2- Is it mandatory?

Unlike comprehensive home insurance, resort insurance is not mandatory. However, it is strongly recommended and may be required of you by the owner of the rented property.

For a peaceful vacation, it is in your best interest to take out this type of insurance. Indeed, when you occupy a seasonal rental, you are responsible for any damage you may cause to third parties or to the rented property.

3- How do I buy this insurance?

Holiday insurance is sometimes included in your comprehensive home insurance policy, but it is not systematic. Before you leave on vacation, think about checking your home insurance policy and the coverage it provides.

If holiday cover is included in your comprehensive home insurance, simply ask your insurer for a certificate that you can provide to the owner.

On the other hand, if you don't have this type of insurance, you can take it out with specialized assistance and travel insurance providers like Europ Assistance.

4- Why choose Europ Assistance?

Europ Assistance is a French company that was founded in 1963 to cover travelers moving abroad. Today it is the world's leading travel insurance company.

With more than 50 years of experience in this field, it offers assistance, repatriation and insurance services specifically designed for travelers, whether they are traveling in France or internationally.

5- What are the guarantees offered?

Europ Assistance's vacation insurance provides you with vacation liability coverage during your stays in vacation rentals.

This means that you are covered against bodily injury and material damage that you may cause to third parties or to property during your rental period.

If you take out this insurance online, you will immediately obtain the holiday liability certificate to provide to the owner of the rented property.

In most holiday insurance policies, the 'vacation cancellation' clause that allows you to be reimbursed if you have to cancel your stay at the last minute is optional.

However, at Europ Assistance, your insurance contract also protects you in the following cases :
- cancellation of your stay
- unpleasant surprises upon arrival (fraudulent transaction or non-conformity of the rented property)
- dispute with the owner
- unforeseen events (stolen, damaged or lost luggage, interruption of stay).

Author: Audrey
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