Trabbia Vuillermoz: Jewelry Made In Jura.

Did you know that sizing and polishing colored stones is a traditional activity in the Haut-Jura region? This expertise, also known as lapidary art, is now perpetuated by jewelers from the Jura region such as those from the Trabbia Vuillermoz house. Here is the story of this local and family-owned business that has been offering made in France creations since 1946.

A family history since 1946.

Trabbia Vuillermoz is a jewelry house whose foundation by the Trabbia spouses dates back to 1946. This family business, passed down from generation to generation for over 75 years, was renamed "Trabbia Vuillermoz" when the founders' daughter took over the brand.

Although this jewelry house has evolved over time, for example by creating an online store, it continues to design its creations within the family.

Over the decades, the brand has always been committed to transmitting both a family and regional know-how. The second generation of the family even created a free museum that immerses visitors in the local tradition of stone cutting.

A regional expertise.

The history of the Trabbia Vuillermoz house is closely linked to local history. It is located in a territory, that of Haut-Jura, a region renowned for its lapidary activity (from the Latin word lapis meaning "stone").

The art of lapidary, which has been a recognized skill in the Jura since the 16th century, consists of cutting and polishing colored stones, mainly for use in jewelry.

Lapidary craftsmen, who cut all fine, precious, or ornamental stones except for diamonds, use traditional tools that you can discover in the free museum located above the jewelry store.

A brand that safeguards tradition.

Heir to the locally rooted lapidary tradition, Trabbia Vuillermoz has set up its shop in Mijoux, a winter sports resort located in the heart of the Jura mountains.

The Trabbia family has also created above its shop a Museum of Stones and Lapidary, where jewelers from the house reveal the various facets of their craft. You can even enjoy a guided tour upon request.

Through this free museum managed by the family, the brand aims to highlight this atypical profession, as well as the different stages of stone cutting, from raw mineral to cut gem.

By exhibiting raw and cut stones from around the world, the museum unveils to visitors the secrets of colored stones that adorn a large part of the house's creations.

Handcrafted creations made in France.

The activity of the Trabbia Vuillermoz house is therefore part of both a region and a centuries-old tradition. Its expertise passed down from generation to generation allows it to design made in France jewelry and create custom jewelry at the request of customers.

If you want to offer or treat yourself to a personalized piece of jewelry, simply go to the store in Mijoux. On site, you will benefit from the advice of passionate experts to guide you in the design of a unique piece of jewelry.

This jewelry house also offers to carry out repairs in its workshop visible from the store. By revealing its workshop to customers, the brand plays the transparency card.

The quality of its stones is also attested by the certificate of authenticity and guarantee that accompany each piece of jewelry.

A brand reconciling tradition and modernity.

Although the traditional know-how of lapidaries is a strong value of the brand, as evidenced by the creation of the Museum of Stones and Lapidary, this jewelry house has entered the era of digitalization and e-commerce.

At Trabbia Vuillermoz, respect for tradition is not incompatible with modernity and online commerce. In addition to its shop, museum, and workshop located in Jura, the brand has equipped itself with an online store that makes its creations accessible to a wider clientele throughout France and abroad.

By placing an order on the website below, you can take advantage of the expertise of this brand and easily receive Jura-made jewelry at home! Home or relay point delivery, provided by Colissimo, is free for purchases over €100 (only for metropolitan France).

Jewelry for all occasions.

Drawing on its local and family expertise, Trabbia Vuillermoz offers jewelry for all occasions and budgets.

This brand uses the art of Jura stonecutters to create rings, wedding bands, and bracelets for special occasions. What could be better than an authentic made-in-France piece of jewelry to celebrate a special occasion like a baptism or wedding, or to mark a precious moment?

But this brand also aims to be accessible to the general public by offering affordable silver and fine gemstone jewelry. Because it sells its creations at manufacturer prices, it displays prices that are on average 40% cheaper than its competitors and guarantees the best value for money.

Fine gemstones such as amethyst, turquoise, or rose quartz are very trendy right now. Whether you believe in lithotherapy and their healing powers or not, natural stone jewelry is a generally appreciated gift.

So, whatever the occasion to celebrate and the person to spoil, if you want to offer (or treat yourself to) a quality made-in-France piece of jewelry at a fair price, you will surely find what you are looking for in the online store.

The online jewelry store offers a very wide selection of stones and jewelry (rings, earrings, bracelets, and pendants), with the possibility of searching by criteria (type of jewelry, material, and color...) and filtering results according to a price range.

For this family business founded in 1946, customer satisfaction has always been a priority. For any online purchase, you have 30 days to request an exchange or refund of your order, except for personalized products.

Author: Audrey
Copyright image: Trabbia Vuillermoz
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In French: Trabbia Vuillermoz : des bijoux made in Jura
En español: Trabbia Vuillermoz: joyas hechas en Jura.
In italiano: Trabbia Vuillermoz: gioielli made in Jura.
Auf Deutsch: Trabbia Vuillermoz: Schmuck Made in Jura
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