May On Bike: In May, Pedal As You Please.

If you already practice cycling or want to start, May on Bike is made for you! This national operation, organized at the initiative of the Ministry of Ecological Transition and the Ministry of Sports, offers hundreds of events throughout France. The objective is to promote cycling in all its forms, whether it is for you a sport or a daily means of transportation.

How to participate?

The Mai à Vélo operation is aimed at a wide audience. Whatever your age and level, you can find an event that suits you on the platform (see link at the bottom of the page).

To help you find the event that best suits you, this site allows you to search:
• by city
• by theme
• by target audience (children, family, seniors, athletes)
• by difficulty level
• by type of practice: mountain biking or BMX, cycling in the city or on the road or track...

And if you are an organization, association, club or company, you can also participate in this national operation by proposing an event in the field of leisure, sport or cycling tourism...

The conditions for registering an event on the platform are as follows:
• be one or more public or private organizations such as a cycling club, user association, independent people association or company
• propose a free event without commercial purpose
• offer an event accessible to all or specify the level of difficulty.

In addition, if you want to defend the colors of your territory, your company, association, school or other, you can participate in the Mai à vélo activity challenge by Géovélo.

Each registered entity will be ranked according to the number of kilometers traveled by its community during the month of May. All rankings will be available daily on the operation's website (link below).

Edition 2023 - Translation: Edition 2023

The May on Bike 2023 edition takes place from May 1st to 31st, 2023. The objective is to exceed the 3000 participants of the previous edition. The bike reporter, Jérôme Zindy, will be present on the cycling routes of France to cover the event. Séverine Desbouys, former professional cyclist, will also be present as ambassador of the event.

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More informations:
In French: Mai à vélo : en mai, pédalez comme il vous plaît
En español: Mayo en bicicleta: en mayo, pedalea como quieras.
In italiano: Maggio in bicicletta: a maggio, pedala come ti pare.
Auf Deutsch: Mai auf dem Fahrrad: Im Mai radeln Sie nach Belieben.
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