The Gardens' Meetings: Discoveries And Activities For Everyone.

Whether they are historical or contemporary, in the city or in the countryside, prestigious or more modest, public or private, all of France's gardens are honored during Rendez-vous aux jardins. For three days, gardens open their doors to the public and offer various activities throughout the Hexagon.

The gardens of France open their doors to you.

Organized since 2003 by the Ministry of Culture and Communication, Rendez-vous aux jardins invites you to discover more than 2000 gardens throughout France. This event takes place every year during the first weekend of June, with a different theme each time. It is an opportunity to discover the richness and diversity of the gardens in our regions.

These meetings, organized by the Ministry of Culture in collaboration with the Committee of Parks and Gardens of France, the Historic Demeure, the Old French Houses, and the Center of National Monuments, also aim to make the public understand the importance of preserving and managing this important part of our heritage: parks and gardens.

Animations for all tastes and all audiences.

On the occasion of the Rendez-vous aux jardins, parks and gardens, whether private or public, open their doors for 3 days in all regions of France.

During this event, the public can:
- enjoy free guided tours
- meet the owners or gardeners who maintain these exceptional gardens
- attend various activities such as conferences, creative workshops, demonstrations of know-how, exhibitions, and outdoor concerts
- participate in games or workshops for children.

Edition 2023 -> "2023 Edition"

This year, the Gardens Rendezvous will take place on Friday 2nd, Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th June 2023 on the theme of "Garden music". For its 20th edition, this event promises to be musical...

No less than 2200 public or private parks and gardens throughout France will offer various activities focusing on the sounds heard in the garden, from birdsong to insect stridulations! The sounds of water, wind and plants will also be highlighted, as well as sound installations specially created for the occasion.

On Friday 2nd June, schoolchildren will be welcomed to gardens to participate in workshops, story readings and other fun and educational activities.

Throughout the weekend, thousands of other activities will be offered to all audiences, from novices to enlightened amateurs, including musical walks and concerts. This Sunday, why not celebrate Mother's Day in a garden? The experience promises to be memorable and more original than a simple bouquet of flowers!

To find out about the program of activities near you, simply consult the interactive map on the official website of this event (link below).

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