Streetnav: The Inclusive Gps Application That Guides People With Disabilities

Most GPS applications available on Google Play or the App Store do not take into account the challenges faced by people with reduced mobility or disabilities. Three French start-ups have joined forces to fill this gap and develop StreetNav, a more inclusive application specifically designed for people who have difficulty moving around.

What is the StreetNav app?

StreetNav appears and functions like a GPS application but with a little something extra, reminiscent of the film that brought people with disabilities into the spotlight...

Indeed, this navigation app has been specially designed to facilitate the movement of people with disabilities. In France, it is estimated that 20 million people face daily challenges due to the lack of accessibility in streets and buildings.

To assist them, the French start-up StreetCo launched this free application, with the support of the City of Paris. The host city of the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games has committed to becoming more accessible to everyone, before, during, and after these Games.

The capital is preparing to welcome nearly 350,000 visitors with disabilities for Paris 2024, including 3,000 to 4,000 individuals in wheelchairs and 4,400 Paralympic athletes. Thanks to this free application, the City of Paris and StreetCo aim to make these Games more accessible and inclusive for all.

Who created the StreetNav app?

The StreetNav application is the result of a collaboration between three young French companies: StreetCo, N-Vibes, and Audiospot.

These startups have joined forces to develop a fully customizable application that can adapt to the disability and mobility level of its user.

This revolutionary navigation application is designed for visually impaired individuals, wheelchair users, or young mothers looking for the best route to reach their destination with a stroller...

How does the StreetNav app work?

StreetNav is the first navigation app that caters not only to motorists, cyclists, or pedestrians but also to all people with reduced mobility due to age, disability, injury, or pregnancy, for example.

This app can signal obstacles in real-time to a visually impaired user or indicate an accessible route without elevation changes to a person in a wheelchair.

When you launch the app, it asks you to choose your profile from options such as:
• able-bodied pedestrian
• person in a wheelchair
• visually impaired person.

You then need to enter the address of your destination just like in a traditional GPS so that the app can calculate the most suitable route for your difficulties. The app is compatible with public transportation and works both outdoors and indoors.

However, unlike a simple GPS, this app is equipped with additional features to make life easier for people with disabilities. For instance, the phone vibrates to help visually impaired users orient themselves and head in the right direction.

This app also allows the search for points of interest such as public transportation or bakeries. A very useful feature for users who cannot see the shops and services around them!

How to make the StreetNav app even more efficient?

If you are able-bodied, you may not need to use StreetNav daily… But you can help improve this tool and assist millions of people.

By downloading the StreetCo application, developed by the company of the same name, you can report permanent or temporary obstacles you encounter in your city.

The StreetCo application feeds into the StreetNav navigation app designed for people with reduced mobility. Both applications are available for free on iOS and Android.

By geolocating fixed or temporary obstacles you come across in real-time, you give meaning to your daily journeys. Most importantly, you contribute to a collaborative and supportive project aimed at making life easier for millions of users.

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