The Red Bracelets: What's New In Season 4?

The successful series "Les Bracelets rouges" is coming back on TF1 this fall after a three-year absence. Season 4 of this fiction, set in the pediatric department of a hospital, promises to be rich in emotions and novelties. We invite you to discover what this new season has in store for you, as it introduces a whole new gallery of characters.

Season 4 is a reboot.

In the field of fiction, particularly television fiction, a reboot is a process of restarting the story while keeping certain original elements and modifying others.

The purpose of a reboot is to revitalize a fiction after a long period of interruption, and that's exactly what will happen with the grand return of the series "Les Bracelets rouges" on TF1.

After three years of absence from the small screen, the successful series returns with new characters, new challenges to overcome, and new stories to unfold!

It features a new group of teenagers.

Season 4 of the series "Les Bracelets rouges" will introduce a whole new gallery of characters. In this reboot, you will meet a new group of teenagers and their parents.

Fans of the series could expect this, as at the end of Season 3, which aired in April 2020, they had to say goodbye to their favorite heroes, Thomas, Clément, Roxane, Côme, and Medhi...

In the new episodes, to be discovered starting Monday, September 11, 2023, viewers will meet a new group of patients composed of Zoé, Benji, Gabriel, Emma, and Nathan.

To portray the parents of these teenagers, the series has enlisted well-known actors:
• Blandine Bellavoir and David Mora as Emma's parents
• Émilie Caen as one of Benji's mothers
• Nadège Beausson-Diagne as Nathan's mother
• Impersonator Michaël Gregorio to portray Zoé's brother and Liliane Robert to play her grandmother.

The framework of the series remains the same.

As in previous seasons of the series "Les Bracelets rouges", the story takes place in the pediatric department of the Léonard de Vinci hospital in Arcachon.

Zoé and Nathan, who have just arrived in the department, must learn to integrate into this environment, even though they had a predetermined life outside. Emma dreams only of getting out of the hospital, while Gabriel feels better there than anywhere else. As for Benji, he suffers from a degenerative disease and knows he is condemned, but that doesn't stop him from dreaming of love.

These teenagers will evolve in the same hospital as the previous heroes of the series, and viewers will recognize the members of the medical staff, some of whom have not changed.

However, the old heroes of the series like Roxane or Clément will not appear in this season 4 because this reboot focuses on the journey of a whole new generation of patients.

Everything changes and yet nothing changes.

You will have understood, there will be changes in season 4 of the series The Red Bracelets... but viewers won't be too disoriented!

Not only does the series take place in the same location as before, but it highlights the themes that made the previous seasons successful: the fight against illness, humor, and the friendship that develops between the characters.

Despite their differences, these sick teenagers will get to know each other and find strength in friendship to fight and keep hope, even if, for Benji, there is no hope left.

To discover the first two episodes of this season 4 (which consists of a total of 6 episodes of 52 minutes), tune in to TF1 on Monday, September 11th at 9:10 PM.

Furthermore, if you have never watched this event series, know that seasons 1, 2, and 3 are available in their entirety on Prime Video (Amazon's streaming platform).

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