Series Le Voyageur On France 3: Bruno Debrandt Succeeds Éric Cantona

The series Le Voyageur returns tonight on France 3. However, fans of this police series will be surprised to discover that this character is now played by a new actor. Bruno Debrandt, known for his interpretation of Cain, succeeds Eric Cantona in the role of the lone vigilante.

A new start for the Traveller

A page is turning and a new chapter is opening for the crime series The Traveller.

If the principle of the series remains unchanged, the actor Bruno Debrandt succeeds Eric Cantona in the role of the hero.

Commander Bareski, previously played by Éric Cantona, gives way to Captain Yann Kandinsky, a policeman disillusioned by justice and eager to give meaning to his commitment.

In the episode broadcast tonight, Tuesday, December 7 at 9:05 pm, he takes over the heavy task started by his predecessor, who died in strange circumstances.

His mission is still the same: to bring justice to the victims and to help families who are desperate not to know the truth about the disappearance of a loved one.

A dark affair for Kandinsky

In this episode entitled The House in the Wind, Captain Yann Kandinsky learns that Commander Thomas Bareski is dead.

A few years ago, he had met the 'Traveller'. Unattached and at a standstill in his career, he decides to follow the path of this atypical colleague.

He takes a leave of absence from the police force and, after recovering Bareski's van and dog, he hits the road determined also to close the unsolved cases.

He decides to start with the one that has obsessed him for ten years, a gruesome murder committed in the Ardennes.

In 2011, Audrey Bretcher was murdered in the forest after being able to make one last phone call to her husband. The investigation conducted by Kandinsky at the time had yielded nothing.

For Kandinsky, the apprenticeship is tough because a city dweller cannot become a 'traveller' in one day...

A successful handover

For this handover between the two actors, France 3 offers an original and dark police investigation carried by Bruno Debrandt's very accurate performance.

If the former Cain interpreter doesn't yet manage to eclipse the Manchester United star footballer, he manages to wrap up his first investigation and his first journey with panache.

The actor himself admitted in an interview with Télé 7 jours that it is not easy to take over the role: 'You don't replace the King (Cantona's nickname when he played at Manchester United, ed. note)! So, at first, I refused. Then I read the concept and I couldn't pass it up. And, above all, I had the blessing of Eric, with whom I exchanged.'

With this new hero, the series successfully reinvents itself. Thanks to the impeccable performance of Bruno Debrandt, this episode has moreover received the Grand prix télévision - série dramatique, at the Festival Polar de Cognac 2021.

In view of this first episode, we can't wait to discover the next adventures of this new Traveller!

Author: Audrey
Copyright image: FTV
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