Safe: 5 Good Reasons To Watch This Series On Tf1

Starting tonight, Thursday, March 2, TF1 airs the series Safe with Michael C. Hall. If you are a fan of Harlan Coben's novels and you missed the first broadcast of this series in 2018 on C8, do not miss this new opportunity to discover this thrilling thriller! We have listed for you 5 good reasons to watch this original creation signed by the American master of thrillers.

1- It's an original creation by Harlan Coben

Harlan Coben, the American author considered one of the contemporary masters of the thriller, can be counted on to come up with a thriller with a thrilling script. The series Safe, to be (re)discovered starting tonight on TF1, was written and co-produced by the author.

In this 8-episode drama, the mystery revolves around the disappearance of a teenage girl. Jenny disappears the day after a party at a friend's house. Her father Tom is desperate to find out what happened to her.

2- The main character is played by Michael C. Hall

Here's some news that should make fans of the Dexter series happy! This thriller is carried by actor Michael C. Hall. The actor revealed by the series Six Feet Under and Dexter puts his shady charisma to work for his character.

In Safe, he plays Tom Delaney, a widowed doctor who has a difficult relationship with his oldest daughter Jenny. When she disappears, he does everything he can to find her, with the help of two detectives, Emma and Sophie.

3- We also find Audrey Fleurot in the cast

As Safe is a series co-produced by France and the UK, fans of Audrey Fleurot will be pleased to find the flamboyant actress in the cast of this thriller.

The actress, who has been a hit for several seasons in HPI on TF1, plays Zoe Chahal, a French teacher accused of having a relationship with one of her students.

With this role, she proves the full extent of her talent and slips into the skin of a woman very different from the brilliant Morgane Alvaro. The actress deploys in this thriller a magnetic presence. Enough to make her fans wait until the season 3 of HPI which will be broadcast on TF1 next May!

4- The plot is full of twists and turns

Carried by an effective cast, the Safe series brings together all the ingredients of a good thriller, starting with a plot rich in twists and turns. As is often the case with Harlan Coben, it's about a mysterious disappearance with lots of pretense and buried secrets just waiting to be unearthed...

As the episodes unfold, the leads multiply, the veneer cracks, and some truths shatter. In his novels, the American Harlan Coben has no equal when it comes to keeping his readers on the edge of their seats, and this creation for television is no exception to the rule.

5- The series has an original burlesque side

After reading the above points, you may wonder if Safe is just another thriller...

From a rather classic plot (a father investigating the disappearance of his daughter), the series delivers a skillfully constructed thriller and even allows itself a touch of slapstick rather unexpected in a series of this genre.

In short, between its convincing actors and its solid script, this 8-episode thriller is well worth a look. If you have not discovered this series stamped Harlan Coben on C8 in 2018, do not miss its rebroadcast on TF1 from tonight, Thursday, March 2 at 21h10!

Author: Audrey
Copyright image: TF1
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