Rebecca: 5 Good Reasons To Watch The New Tf1 Crime Series

From Thursday 18 November, TF1 will offer a new police series starring Anne Marivin. This fiction, entitled Rebecca, immediately sets a captivating atmosphere. We have listed for you 5 good reasons to watch this new series.

1- For its dark thriller atmosphere

From the very first episodes, to be discovered from Thursday, November 18 on TF1, the new series Rebecca succeeds in creating a gripping and heavy atmosphere.

The heroine, who gives her name to the series, is a former police inspector who returns to duty to try to solve an old case.

While her husband Julien has just announced by phone that he wants to leave her without giving any explanation, she receives a visit from a colleague from the criminal police.

He tells her of two recent murders, suggesting that a serial killer she had failed to stop five years earlier is killing again.

This particularly dark thriller sets itself apart from most French crime series by masterfully drawing us into the downward spiral the heroine struggles with.

2- For its original plot

The series Rebecca, which is an adaptation of ITV Netflix's British series Marcella, deftly blends police investigation with the personal problems of its lead character.

Not only does the heroine discover that her husband is cheating on her and that his mistress has been found dead, but she suffers from severe memory loss. She has to deal with violent seizures that plunge her into a form of blackout.

This leaves her wondering if the culprit is the serial killer she is chasing, or if she is the one who killed her husband's mistress during a blackout.

3- For Anne Marivin's performance

In this French adaptation, the heroine renamed Rebecca is brilliantly played by Anne Marivin.

The actress, known for her comedic roles (notably in the comedies Bienvenue chez les Ch'tis and Podium), has previously played more dramatic roles for TF1.

Indeed, the actress played a grieving mother in the TV movie 'Tonight, I'm going to kill my son's murderer', broadcast in 2014.

About this role, Anne Marivin said, 'Just Reading the eight episodes kept me on the edge of my seat. Rebecca is an intense, complex, endearing character.'

4- To discover Patrick Timsit in a different role

The series Rebecca benefits from a high-flying cast, where the cheating husband is played by Benjamin Biolay.

The secondary roles are played by Samir Guesmi (seen in Les Revenants on Canal+), Valérie Karsenti (the inimitable Liliane from Scènes de ménages on M6), Grégory Montel and Clotilde Courau.

But above all, viewers will have the surprise of discovering Patrick Timsit in a counter role, in the role of a disturbing serial killer.

5- For the breathtaking suspense

This French adaptation was shot under the direction of Didier Le Pêcheur who also directed Infidèle, the French version of Dr. Foster starring Claire Keim.

More than just an adaptation of the Marcella series, Rebecca is a real revisit to the original.

Screenwriters Didier Le Pêcheur and Delphine Labouret have condensed two seasons of the Marcella series into one. The plot will therefore not be the same and will hold some surprises for those who know the original.

Author: Audrey
Copyright image: TF1
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