Off The Beaten Track: Stars Walk And Reveal Themselves On France 3.

From Wednesday, May 24th, France 3 launches a new prime time magazine called "Chemins de traverse" (Crossroads). In this unique concept, Agathe Lecaron invites personalities on an introspective journey of several days. For each guest, walking, confessions, and beautiful landscapes will be on the program!

Tracing one's journey by walking.

As its title suggests, the new magazine Chemins de traverse, to be discovered on Wednesday evenings on France 3, puts walking in the spotlight. However, it should be noted that hiking is not the main theme of this program and serves only as a pretext to collect confidences from invited celebrities.

Presenter Agathe Lecaron invites a personality to share with her two days of walking in a region of France that is dear to them. This tête-à-tête on the paths is an opportunity to look back on the personal and professional journey of the guest.

This new 120-minute magazine owes its name to the eponymous song by Grand Corps Malade, which the artist performed with the sisters Camille and Julie Berthollet.

Revealing oneself in an unusual context.

Just like Frédéric Lopez in "Un dimanche à la campagne" on France 2, Agathe Lecaron invites well-known personalities to embark on an introspective journey in "Chemins de traverse". The hike provides an opportunity for the guests to reflect on events from their personal and professional lives. Not only does the trek bring back memories, but the show metaphorically follows the guest's life path.

In the first episode, airing on France 3 on Wednesday, May 24th, 2023 at 9:10 PM, actress Virginie Efira inaugurates this concept with sincere and often humorous discussions about her childhood, career, and love life.

In upcoming episodes of this new magazine, the guests will be Nolwenn Leroy and Kev Adams. All participants agree to allow the show's team to contact their loved ones to gather necessary information for the program's preparation. Several surprises await them along the way...

Making unexpected encounters.

For guests who participate in the walking and introspection game in front of the cameras of France 3, the magazine Chemins de traverse is also an opportunity to reconnect with old friends and make unexpected encounters. In the first issue, Virginie Efira walks in the Alpilles and Camargue region and will realize two of her dreams: meeting the psychiatrist and theorist of resilience Boris Cyrulnik, as well as the author and criminal lawyer Abel Quentin, winner of the Prix de Flore.

Why watch this program?

If you are a fan of the guest personality, you will surely enjoy these confidences about the Chemins de traverse! The show is friendly and pleasant to watch, especially since Agathe Lecaron leads these exchanges with humor and naturalness.

The guests who willingly participate reveal unpublished anecdotes about their youth, weaknesses or embarrassing songs!

The beauty of the images is another strong point of this magazine. France 3 being the channel of the regions, this new program highlights the landscapes crossed. In the first issue, the France 3 teams filmed with undeniable expertise the attractions of Les Baux-de-Provence and the salt marshes of Camargue ...

The only downside is that one may question the need to launch this new magazine when there are already programs such as Rendez-vous en terre inconnue, Nos terres inconnues and Un dimanche à la campagne on public service channels ... Fortunately, meetings with old friends or personalities that the guest admires bring a touch of originality to this new magazine.

Author: Audrey
Copyright image: François ROELANTS / FTV
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In French: Chemins de traverse : les stars marchent et se révèlent sur France 3
En español: Caminos cruzados: las estrellas caminan y se revelan en France 3.
In italiano: Percorsi alternativi: le star camminano e si rivelano su France 3.
Auf Deutsch: "Abkürzungen: Stars gehen und enthüllen sich auf France 3"
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