Ncis : What's New In Season 19 ?

The American series NCIS returns on M6 for a 19th season. But beware, this program changes time slot: it will now be broadcast on Tuesday evenings, from March 1, 2022. We suggest you to discover the novelties of this new season.

NCIS leaves its historic Friday slot

Notice to fans of the American series NCIS: Special Investigations! M6 has decided to move the broadcast of this successful series from Friday to Tuesday to face Koh-Lanta on TF1.

The channel has decided to compete directly with TF1 with its successful series, which has nineteen seasons and more than 400 episodes.

This change of time slot is not the only novelty that is announced during this season 19 unpublished in France.

Indeed, this new salvo of episodes will be marked by the departure of Mark Harmon, the actor who plays Jethro Gibbs since the launch of the series in 2003.

Special Agent Gibbs completes his latest investigation

The first episode of this season 19 begins significant changes in the NCIS team.

After discovering the wreckage of his boat, the team sets out to find Gibbs. The agents soon realize that Jethro was not alone on the boat.

In the first episodes of this season 19, Gibbs and his team will unmask and arrest a killer that Jethro has been tracking for several months.

Spoiler alert: this story arc will conclude with Mark Harmon leaving after 418 episodes as Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs!

Mark Harmon leaves the NCIS team

As incredible as it may seem, this 19th season will mark the end of Mark Harmon's participation as an actor in the series. He will stay only as a producer of the program.

The actor, 70 years old, had expressed to the production his desire to leave the series at the end of season 18.

CBS Studio had then convinced him to stay the time of some episodes to avoid the cancellation of the series and to ensure the continuity of the adventure for his collaborators.

Special Agent Gibbs thus appears in the first 4 episodes of season 19. He will complete his last investigation in Alaska before bidding farewell to his team, after spending 18 years at its head.

It remains to be seen if these farewells will be final... Nothing is less sure since Mark Harmon remains one of the producers of the series.

New characters will make their appearance

To fill the void left by this departure, as well as those of actresses Maria Bello and Emily Wickersham, the production decided to inject new blood into the NCIS team.

This season 19 will be started by the integration into the team of Katrina Law who played in Arrow and Hawaii 5-0.

The actress plays special agent Jessica Knight, a character introduced at the end of season 18. This strong woman, specialized in negotiation during hostage situations, will officially join the NCIS team at the beginning of season 19 at the request of Director Vance.

In addition, Gary Cole seen in particular in the series Desperate Housewives will become a member of NCIS ... and perhaps succeed Gibbs as head of the team.

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