Avenir On Tf1: 5 Things To Know About The New Series With Kev Adams

Starting tonight, Monday, February 27, TF1 airs in prime time Avenir, a new series starring Kev Adams. In this fiction between comedy, drama and science fiction, the actor plays a salesman who communicates by mail with the child he was at 10 years. Here are 5 things to know about this new fiction

1- The series plays on the butterfly effect

Like the series Vortex recently aired on France 2, Avenir plays with a double temporality and relies on the butterfly effect, i.e. the idea that the slightest change in the past has repercussions on the present.

Eliott (Kev Adams) is an appliance salesman about to marry his colleague Emily. His life is not perfect but he seems quite happy, until his life is suddenly disrupted by a computer bug.

By reusing an old email address, he discovers that he can communicate with the boy he was twenty years earlier. Together, the little and the big Eliott will do everything to take back their life and try to realize their dreams. But they quickly understand that changing the past can have serious consequences on the present...

2- The scenario is clever and engaging

In the series Avenir, to be discovered from February 27 on TF1, Kev Adams plays a thirty-year-old household appliance salesman who is offered the possibility of communicating by e-mail with the child he was at 10 years old.

When he understands that he can exchange messages with his younger double, Eliott sees in this computer bug the opportunity to change his destiny and repair his past mistakes.

If he wants to influence the course of things, it is first to save his sister Olivia from ending up in a wheelchair because of an accident he is responsible for. But the hero will soon realize that the changes he made in the past have direct repercussions on his present life.

By preventing Olivia's accident in the past, Eliott has not only changed his sister's life but his own as well. He is now the head of several appliance stores and lives in a beautiful home. The only downside is that he is no longer engaged to Emily...

3- This fiction is carried by a solid cast

This never-before-seen drama in 6 52-minute episodes promises to make us think about our own existence: if we could change our past, would we do so at the risk of changing everything? Neither really comedic nor really dramatic, Future is a UFO that somewhat confuses the viewer...

But it is worth watching for its script and its actors. In addition to Kev Adams in the lead role, this series is carried by a solid cast thanks to confirmed actors. You will recognize in particular Natacha Lindinger who replaced Mathilde Seigner in Sam on TF1, Guillaume de Tonquédec and Éric Elmosnino.

4- Kev Adams is very invested in this project

Six years after the end of Soda on W9, Kev Adams returns in a TV series in which he invested a lot!

Not only does he play the lead role but he co-wrote the script with Daive Cohen, Franck Bellocq and Élodie Hesme. About this project, he says: 'I participated from A to Z in its creation. We wrote for three and a half years to invent the universe, the characters, the script and the dialogues. I then produced it through my company Adams Family.'

It must be said that the actor had already worked with the main author of the series, Daive Cohen, on several films including Fiston and The New Adventures of Aladdin.

The news of Kev Adams in 2023 is full because he will return for season 5 of Mask Singer on TF1. The comedian is also on tour with a one man show called Miroir and is starring with Camille Lellouche on Netflix in the comedy Happy Nous Year.

5- The series has changed its title

The series Avenir was initially titled @venir with an arobase. The name change is not a choice wanted by Kev Adams but by TF1, simply to make the title more readable.

The spelling with a capital A seemed clearer and easier to understand, in a context where we put an arobase everywhere and especially on social networks!

To find Kev Adams in this series that is really close to his heart, go to TF1 tonight Monday, February 27 at 21h10.

Author: Audrey
Copyright image: TF1
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