Full Review Of The Roborock Qrevo S: The Ultimate Robot Vacuum For Automated Cleaning

Discover our in-depth review of the Roborock Qrevo S, the revolutionary robot vacuum that combines power and innovation for effortless cleaning. From installation to performance and maintenance, we share our personal experience with this high-end cleaning device.


The Roborock Qrevo S promises an automated cleaning solution, combining power and convenience.
Having had the opportunity to test this device, here is my detailed experience.

The Qrevo S comes in white: Qrevo S white
and in black: Qrevo S black

First Impression and Setup

Upon opening the box, everything was perfectly organized. The user manual was easily accessible, accompanied by a quick start guide.
After finding a spot for the station, I installed the mini-mops in their respective slots.

The software installation was facilitated by a QR code directing to the Roborock application.
The procedure was quick, except for a hiccup with my Wi-Fi network. The Qrevo S requires a 2.4 GHz connection, not 5 GHz. Once connected, creating a Roborock user account allowed access to a French interface.
This interface offers the possibility to start simple cleanings or configure specific rooms and surfaces for customized cleanings.

Design and Construction

The design of the Roborock Qrevo S is modern and elegant, as shown in the photos. The construction seems sturdy, allowing you to handle the vacuum without fear of breaking it.
The storage of the power cable is convenient, allowing you to adjust it to the right length.
The mops, although small, are regularly cleaned by the robot, which returns to its base to replenish with clean water.

Usage and Performance

The navigation of the Qrevo S is impressive thanks to LiDAR technology. During the first cleaning, it mapped my entire apartment, detecting and adapting its route to obstacles. A small downside concerns uneven floor levels, such as in front of my fireplaces, where I had to install protections. However, it is possible to define no-go zones via the app. For vacuuming, the Qrevo S handled dust-laden areas well. For daily maintenance, it is effective after an initial deep clean. Not having any carpets, I couldn't test the boost function, but on hardwood and tile floors, the result is satisfactory, with a mopping action that leaves the floor clean and shiny. Corners, however, remain difficult to reach for this round robot.

A Funny Encounter with the Cat

One of the most amusing moments while using the Roborock Qrevo S was seeing my cat's reaction. Usually terrified by our loud vacuum cleaner, my cat was intrigued by this much quieter newcomer. He approached it several times, curious and unafraid, which is a first for him. Watching this interaction was very entertaining and reassuring. It shows that even for pets, like often timid cats, this robot integrates perfectly into the home. Additionally, the cat hair scattered on the floor is efficiently vacuumed by the Qrevo S, helping to keep our interior clean and allergen-free.

Washing Functionality

The automatic mop washing function is very efficient, allowing for uniform cleaning.
The mop cleaning, almost silent, occurs every 15 minutes.
Emptying the dust into the station's bag is a bit noisier, but it only lasts a few seconds.

User Experience

The Roborock app is intuitive and allows for customizing the cleaning experience room by room, creating personalized schedules, and remotely starting the vacuum cleaner.
I appreciated the ability to track the vacuum's path in real-time on the map of my apartment.

Maintenance and Emptying

The automatic dust emptying and water management went smoothly. I was able to test the clean water filling and dirty water emptying without any issues.
Maintaining the brushes, which often pick up hair, was easy thanks to the provided guides.
Taking photos before disassembling the parts helped in reassembling them correctly.


Overall, I am very satisfied with the Roborock Qrevo S. It does an excellent job of keeping my apartment clean, even with a large area. The future cost of maintenance parts (bags, brushes, mops) remains to be evaluated. However, for now, it perfectly meets my expectations and I would recommend it without hesitation.

Author: Loïc
Copyright image: roborock
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In French: Test Complet du Roborock Qrevo S : L'Aspirateur Robot Ultime pour un Nettoyage Automatisé
En español: Prueba Completa del Roborock Qrevo S: El Aspirador Robot Definitivo para una Limpieza Automatizada
In italiano: Test completo del Roborock Qrevo S: l'aspirapolvere robot definitivo per una pulizia automatizzata
Auf Deutsch: Umfassender Test des Roborock Qrevo S: Der ultimative Saugroboter für eine automatisierte Reinigung
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