Why Choose A Veranda For Your New Kitchen?

If you dream of a new kitchen but lack the space at home to create the room of your dreams, adding a veranda may be the solution! Contrary to what we sometimes imagine, it is quite possible to install a kitchen under a veranda with good insulation and sufficient ventilation. If you are not completely convinced, read the following article! We explain why you should choose a veranda to install your new kitchen.

1- To save space

The main reason to build a veranda at home is of course to enlarge your house.

The addition of this extension allows you to gain several square meters and create a new living room intended to accommodate, according to your needs and desires, a living room, a winter garden or why not a kitchen.

The possibility of gaining space and benefiting from a large room is the first good reason to choose a veranda to implement your new kitchen.

2- To enjoy a bright kitchen

Adding an aluminum veranda is a practical and rather easy solution to save a few square feet but also to gain light.

By definition, a veranda is a glazed space that lets natural light flood in. This is the second good reason to choose a veranda to implement your new kitchen, especially if you are tired of cooking in a room that is too small and dark.

3- To create a friendly room

Thanks to the space and natural light it allows you to enjoy, the veranda kitchen guarantees a particularly friendly living room.

This room is open to the garden and this is the third good reason to choose a veranda to set up your new kitchen.

During the day, you benefit from natural light to cook in the best conditions, without the need to resort to artificial lighting.

When night falls, you can move into this room to have your dinner under the stars. So don't forget to add a table to create a dining area in this dreamy setting.

4- To create a functional kitchen

When a kitchen is built under a veranda, the walls cannot be used except for the one on the side of the house.

This limitation is of course a constraint. But it also offers the opportunity to think about the layout of the room beforehand to design a particularly functional kitchen. This is another good reason to choose a veranda to set up your future kitchen.

The configuration of the premises forces you to think about the constraints and technical issues before starting the work and therefore to create a well thought-out kitchen.

In this type of extension, we generally use a configuration with an island and low storage units, without forgetting a dining area to enjoy the view.

5- To design a custom kitchen

So the final good reason to choose a sunroom to implement your new kitchen is the opportunity to design a custom kitchen that is unlike any other.

If this project makes you dream, you should know that the price of a veranda kitchen varies between 15,000 € and 60,000 € depending on the materials chosen, not counting the price of masonry work and installation.

To carry out this work, do not hesitate to ask for several quotes and compare prices! The main drawback of this project is that it is expensive.

Indeed, it requires:
- to call on veranda professionals to design your future custom kitchen
- to call in a plumber to ensure the connections and the water evacuation of the sink and the dishwasher
- to install a suspended hood to ensure effective ventilation and avoid the formation of condensation on the windows.

Author: Audrey
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In French: Pourquoi choisir une véranda pour implanter votre nouvelle cuisine ?
En español: ¿Por qué elegir una veranda para su nueva cocina?
In italiano: Perché scegliere una veranda per la vostra nuova cucina?
Auf Deutsch: Warum sollten Sie sich für einen Wintergarten als Standort für Ihre neue Küche entscheiden?
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