Sœurs D'encre : The Association That Uses Tattoos To Overcome The Disease

Today, tattooing is not only aesthetic. It is also therapeutic, as evidenced by the actions of the association Sisters of Ink! This association which was born in Bordeaux in 2017 helps women affected by breast cancer or another disease by tattooing their scars. We suggest you discover this beautiful initiative that allows patients to reappropriate their bodies.

What is this association?

The Sœurs d'encre association was created by artist Nathalie Kaïd in 2017, following the success of the first Semaine Rose Tattoo supported by the Maison Rose in Bordeaux and the Regional Cancer Center of New Aquitaine.

Today this association is recognized as offering supportive oncology care by AFSOS, the French-speaking Association of Supportive Oncology Care.

As the name 'Sœurs d'encre' suggests, its action consists of offering restorative tattoos to women who have been marked in their flesh by breast cancer or other serious injuries such as burns.

The founder, Nathalie Kaïd, describes this initiative as 'a human, artistic and solidarity adventure'.

What does it do?

If you thought tattooing was a futile art, the action of the association Sisters of Ink will change your mind! Indeed, it uses tattoos to help women rebuild and reclaim their bodies after surgery or a body injury.

The association offers women operated on for breast cancer or bearing the scars of another disease to beautify their scars with tattoos.

This technique has then real therapeutic virtues because it allows to transform the traces of the disease into a symbol that the patients have chosen.

How does the association work?

The Sœurs d'encre association brings together tattoo artists who are present throughout France and are trained in partnership with doctors.

The tattoo artists of the association analyze the scars and sensitive points of each patient before developing a design.

The case of each patient is carefully studied before the realization of the tattoo so that her psychological environment and the treatments she is following are taken into account.

The association works with oncologists, surgeons, radiologists and dermatologists so that the tattooing takes place in the best safety conditions for the patients.

In particular, it collaborates with Dr. François Soffay, a breast surgeon at Saint-Martin Hospital in Bordeaux, and Dr. Ivan Krakowski, who is an oncologist and president of the French-speaking Association of Supportive Cancer Care.

The association also works with many volunteer tattoo artists, to provide artistic and restorative tattoos during the Rose Tattoo event.

What is the Rose Tattoo event?

During Pink October (breast cancer screening awareness month), the association Sœurs d'encre organizes the Rose Tattoo event for one week.

Rose Tattoo Week is dedicated to post breast cancer tattooing. For women who have been operated on for this type of cancer, tattooing is a way to regain confidence in themselves and to assume their body again despite the scars of their operation.

In this context, tattooing allows to improve the way we look at ourselves but also to transform the look of our spouse. Women who have undergone breast surgery and have been tattooed say they have regained their femininity and no longer feel the need to hide their breasts.

However, let's note that you have to wait at least a year after surgery to be able to register for this event and get a reconstructive tattoo.

During the week, the association organizes roundtable discussions to raise awareness of the benefits of post-cancer tattooing. It also exhibits artistic photographs of the most beautiful reconstructive tattoos to illustrate its action.

To conclude, you should know that Nathalie Kaïd has published a book entitled S'aimer tatouée which helps promote restorative tattooing and fund the Sœurs d'Encre association.

Author: Audrey
Copyright image: Sœurs d'encre
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In French: Sœurs d'encre : l'association qui utilise le tatouage pour surmonter la maladie
En español: Sœurs d'encre: la asociación que utiliza tatuajes para superar la enfermedad
In italiano: Sœurs d'encre: l'associazione che utilizza i tatuaggi per sconfiggere la malattia
Auf Deutsch: Tintenschwestern: Der Verein, der mithilfe von Tätowierungen die Krankheit überwinden will
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