Cancer: A Daffodil For Curie

The Curie Institute launched the 'A Daffodil for Curie' operation in 2013 to mobilize, raise awareness and try to collect donations for cancer research.

Presentation of the operation

In France, each year there are 360,000 new cases of cancer identified. This is why the Curie Institute launched the operation A Daffodil for Curie in March 2013.

For each new cancer identified, it is a unique and personalized treatment that is recommended. Yet, funds are lacking to successfully give each person the appropriate treatment.

The Curie Institute is the first (and certainly the best) in its field. It combines the largest French cancer research center with a quality hospital complex.

It is also a major reference in breast cancer, pediatric tumors and ocular tumors.

Last September, researchers and physicians at the Institut Curie launched a new program called SHIVA. It is the first-ever clinical trial based on the tumor's molecular profile. 'With the SHIVA trial, we will explore new territories of personalized medicine', says Christophe Le Tourneau, head of the trial at the Institut Curie.

Numerous events

In order to finance this new clinical trial, the operation A Daffodil for Curie has been renewed.

Several demonstrations are therefore planned, throughout France.

For one week, everyone is called to support the fight against cancer by wearing a daffodil. The 1st edition had sportsmen like Amélie Mauresmo and Michel Desjoyeaux as sponsors.

The daffodil is the emblem of this event because it is the symbol of solidarity and hope regarding cancer research.

Practical information

This year, the 18th edition of A Daffodil Against Cancer will be launched on Tuesday, March 15, 2022, on the Place du Panthéon in Paris (5th), in the presence of the sponsors and official partners of the campaign.

In addition, throughout the month of March, events and solidarity activities will flourish throughout France thanks to partners, associations and communities committed to the fight against cancer.

To know the program of the animations planned near you, please consult the map of the events on the official site (link below).

Author: Mallory Delaune
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