The National School Of Meteorology: Presentation And Training.

The National School of Meteorology, located in Toulouse, provides initial and ongoing training for all Météo-France personnel. It is the reference training organization in the field of meteorology.

Presentation of the National School for the Judiciary

The École Nationale de la Météorologie or ENM is the training institution of the public establishment Météo France. This prestigious engineering school located in Toulouse is under the supervision of the Ministry of Ecology, Energy, Sustainable Development and the Sea.

Its main missions include recruiting personnel for Météo France and providing meteorology training to officers of the French Navy. It offers scientific and technical knowledge in the field of meteorology as well as related domains.

History of the ENM

The School of Meteorology was created in 1922 and moved to Saint Cyr in 1948. It was originally a department of the Establishment for Meteorological Studies and Research of the National Meteorology.

It was renamed the National School of Meteorology (ENM) in 1969 and was transferred to Toulouse in 1982.

Furthermore, the importance of meteorology for the aviation industry led to the creation of a permanent branch of the ENM within the ENAC (National School of Civil Aviation).

Training at the ENM

The National School of Meteorology offers a wide range of training programs:

• Initial training for meteorology engineers and technicians, research master's degree in Ocean-Atmosphere-Continental Surfaces
• Specialized training programs
• Continuing education (short-term internships, preparation for internal promotion, and training after internal promotion)

ENM welcomes approximately 250 students each year for initial or specialized training, and 800 trainees annually for continuing education.

The school offers the following programs:
• Engineer of Bridges, Water, and Forests (IPEF)
• Students of the National School of Meteorology (IENM): 3-year training program
• Higher Technician, Exploitation Pathway (TSE): 2-year training program
• Higher Technician, Instruments and Installation Pathway (TSI): 2-year training program

Admission to the different programs is done through competitive exams. For more information, we invite you to visit the school's website below.

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