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Korea Mania: Where Does the Fascination for K-Culture Come From?

ems immune to the "Korean wave"! This phenomenon, also known as "Hallyu" (a Chinese-derived term meaning "Korean wave"), began in Asia in the 1990s. South Korea started to "massively export its cultural products," first to its neighbors, then to Central Asia, Africa, Latin America, and finally Euro ...


Korean Cuisine: 5 Things to Know About K-Food

However, Koreans believe that each color is beneficial to a part of the body and corresponds to an element (fire, earth, metal, water, and wood). In South Korea, every meal is social and creative. While rice and soup are served in individual portions in bowls, all other dishes and side dishes are p ...


Piccoma : Do you know the world leader in webtoon ?

the American comics or the so-called Franco-Belgian comic book. But what is the webtoon that we hear more and more about in discussions. Invented in South Korea, the webtoon, sometimes called smartoon, is none other than a full-color comic book, regardless of the country of creation, adapted to sma ...


Glass skin: how to follow this Korean beauty trend?

The term "glass skin" literally means "glass skin" in English. It refers to a beauty trend that comes not from England or the United States, but from South Korea. In the land of K-beauty, both men and women are obsessed with the pursuit of a perfect complexion. The picturesque expression "glass ski ...


Surprise your friends with these 10 Original Hams

or those who are watching their figure as it is much less fatty and salty than most raw hams on the market. Mount Jiri Ham, the little surprise from South Korea South Korea is a pork lover's paradise, with more than 55 kilos per person per year Koreans eat pork in all its forms in keeping with the ...


Mother's Day: 5 commandments for a successful celebration.

thers are celebrated on August 15th, the day of the Assumption, while in the United Kingdom, Mothering Day falls on the fourth Sunday after Lent. In South Korea, Parents' Day is held on May 8th, with Koreans having the particularity of celebrating both parents on the same day. 2- Don't boycott this ...


The hibiscus: a beautiful summer blooming.

ible fruits. This flower has medicinal properties: it was once used to soothe coughs and heal sore throats. Hibiscus syriacus is the national flower of South Korea. Its name in Korean, "mugunghwa", means "Eternity Flower". ...


K-beauty or Korean beauty: the trend of the moment

elevated to the rank of art and is transmitted from mothers to daughters from the age of 6 years... Innovations galore Building on this tradition, South Korea has become the world's #1 Cosmetics country: it's where women are said to be the prettiest in the world, cosmetic surgery clinics are the ...


Beijing 2022 Olympic Games: 5 things to know about the French delegation

held from March 4 to 13, 2022. 3- The French hope to beat their record from Pyeongchang and Sochi At the previous Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea in 2018, France won 15 medals including 5 gold. It then equaled its previous record from Sochi (15 medals in all), but with an addition ...


Air Fryer: What You Need to Know About the Hot Air Fryer

ess. It was not until the 2020s that this healthy fryer was widely adopted in homes in the United Kingdom, the United States, but also in Brazil and South Korea! It allows you to do more than just make fries. Even though the name air fryer is often translated as "hot air fryer" or "convection air f ...