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Where can I find eco-friendly eyewear?

Recycled plastic waste Among the consumer brands, Optic 2000 offers a collection of frames made from marine plastic waste. If you choose Sea2see brand eyewear at Optic 2000, your purchase helps to recover the plastic waste that pollutes the oceans. The same approach also exists in other count ...


I Clean My Sea: a mobile application to track waste at sea

Country and has collected over 2 tons of waste at sea during the summer of 2021. The recovered plastic is recovered by specialized companies. This plastic waste is recycled into sustainable products such as water bottles, t-shirts or vests. Why participate? Thanks to the I Clean My Sea applic ...


Electronic cigarette: puffs are not without danger

ls or candy, but cigarettes to absorb nicotine. Even when they don't contain nicotine, they get teens used to the act of smoking, not to mention the plastic waste they generate. With these single-use plastic objects, these are real disasters that are coming for health as well as for the environme ...


The Platypus: the amazing boat that scans the Mediterranean

art of a project managed by the Blue Odyssey association: the 7th continent expedition. The name was of course chosen in reference to the continent of plastic waste drifting in the world's oceans. The Blue Odyssey association is fighting against this plastic pollution in all the seas and oceans o ...


Spring: eco-friendly laundry and household cleaning products

product as effective as the conventional product. This new way of purchasing and preparing cleaning products helps to avoid a considerable amount of plastic waste. If you want to learn more about this responsible alternative to conventional household products, we invite you to visit the brand's web ...


Waterless Cosmetics: More Eco-Friendly Products

ing water from the formula, the product's weight and volume can be reduced by up to 80%. Waterless formulation thus allows for reduced packaging and plastic waste. Solid hair cosmetics are a prime example. A single bar of solid shampoo or conditioner is equivalent to three 250 ml bottles of liquid ...