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Air Travel: 5 Tips to Feel Good

k of phlebitis. To prevent these circulatory issues, it is recommended to: - wear loose clothing that does not restrict movement and does not impede blood flow. - wear comfortable shoes that are not too tight and without high heels. - avoid placing anything under the seat in front of you so that yo ...


Car, train or plane: how to avoid back pain when traveling?

for preventing muscle aches and pains the day after your trip. To travel at your ease, prefer loose, comfortable clothing that doesn't block your blood flow. If you don't have a stiff neck or back pain before departure, you can also perform some small stretching exercises during the trip. ...


Osteoarthritis of the hands: what to do?

to your aching hands, know that both have beneficial effects. Applying heat, using a hot water bottle for example, loosens muscles and stimulates blood flow. It provides relief and helps regain flexibility. The application of cold, in the form of an ice pack, helps to anesthetize the pain and ...


Guide to the different types of sex toys

and someone should prepare the post-game refreshments. 7. Penis ring or cockring Penis rings are placed around the base of the penis to maintain blood flow and prolong the duration of erections. For added pleasure, they can be equipped with vibrators. Vibrating penis rings are often a type o ...


Eye diseases: what symptoms should alert you?

fests as a flare-up of fever, headache, or pain in the forehead or temple. In this case, too, it is important to react quickly because the reduced blood flow to the eye can lead to partial or total loss of sight, which is then irreversible. Don't wait to consult a doctor, as the rapid administrat ...


Vastu Shastra: The Indian Feng Shui to Harmonize Your Home

ve feeling that is not conducive to rest. It is also advised to orient your bed so that you sleep with your head towards the south to avoid disrupting blood flow and the circulation of positive energy in the body. According to Indian feng shui, one should avoid placing their bed in direct alignmen ...