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Petra in Jordan: a natural and architectural wonder

architectural wonder. This unique place in the world inspired Hergé's sets for Coke en Stock and Spielberg's for his film The Last Crusade... A rich archaeological site Its monuments and vast carved tombs make Petra a magical place. This archaeological site, which is one of the most famous in the ...


Death is not an end: an exhibition at the Museum of Archaeology in Nice

as rich furnishings dating from the first to the fourth century AD. A rich collection to rediscover With the exhibition Death is not an end, the archaeological museum of Nice honors its history and the remains discovered in the city, on the site of Cemenelum on the hill of Cimiez. At the sit ...


Heritage Days: a free cultural event.

itage in all its richness! You will be able to discover monuments, churches, theaters, and castles, as well as private residences, parks and gardens, archaeological sites, banks, courts, prefectures, palaces of justice, town halls, and chambers of commerce, which are usually closed to the public. Hi ...


Child's Play Monument: the cultural meeting place for children

Animations for young audiences During a weekend, the National Monuments offer a privileged welcome to children to help them discover and appreciate the richness of our heritage. The Monument jeu d'enfant operation has been organized for over fifteen years by the Centre des monuments nationaux (CMN ...


Machu Picchu and the Treasures of Peru: an immersive exhibition in Paris

ore than 190 original pieces from one of the greatest Peruvian museums. This expo offers French visitors the opportunity to admire masterpieces and archaeological objects, some of which had never left the country. A dazzling exhibition Reunited for the first time in Paris, these objects promi ...


Explore Quimper, the city of art and history of Brittany

furniture and crafts, is a must. Are you planning to go back in time? You can go to this museum, which is located near the cathedral. You will find archaeological remains from all over Brittany, and visitors are even more interested in the collection of Breton furniture and costumes. The museum ...


Cosquer Méditerranée: a treasure of cave art in Marseille

An ornate cave in danger The Cosquer Cave was discovered in 1985 in the calanques of Marseille by diver Henri Cosquer. This ornate cave is an archaeological rarity rich with more than 500 works of cave art. Its walls are decorated with an incredible bestiary where we recognize bison, horses but ...


Ariège : 5 ideas for refreshing outings

both a river and a road. It is therefore possible to cross it by car. This singular cave offers a refreshing and quite unusual visit to discover its geological and archaeological riches. Copyright : Pinpin After crossing the cave by car, you will enjoy a magical lighting and go back in ...


Tourism Jordan: 5 things to do in Amman

ity. It is one of the must-see places to discover the capital as it offers a breathtaking view of the city center and is home to several important archaeological sites such as the Temple Dome dating back to the 2nd century BC. The Citadel is also home to the Jordan Archaeological Museum and Ki ...


Filitosa: a megalithic site in Corsica

Where is the Filitosa site located? Filitosa is an archaeological site located in the municipality of Sollacaro in Southern Corsica. It is specifically located in a green meadow in the Taravo Valley, on a hill overlooking the Barcajolo stream. It is possible to access it by car. To find this arch ...